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Thread: WTF

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    Quote Originally Posted by eyebefore# View Post
    I would never dream that this abomination exists.
    The most abominable aspect of these is that there is a market dying to cop.


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    Default this is much better if you want poell music
    Quote Originally Posted by unwashed View Post
    Try to use a phone camera in broad daylight or use a proper camera.
    Quote Originally Posted by Ahimsa View Post
    I've found it extremely pleasant and enthralling over repeated whiffs so I would highly recommend.

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    Great! Finally something to sleep in while I wait in the line at Supreme.
    "The only rule is don't be boring and dress cute wherever you go. Life is too short to blend in."
    -Paris Hilton

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    CE n'est pas LINE...

    Uma Wang's collection was beautiful, though.

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    Celine made me nauseous. It's basically overpriced Topshop. Uma Wang always delivers true craftsmanship.

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    Check out Hedi's Celine's new line of bags. Vomit bucket at the ready.
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    What's wtf about cheap knockoffs in Ukraine? Everything in всi своi is like this, people who know or can afford bbs aren't shopping there

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