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    I'm not sure if anyone in here has heard of this icelandic designer Sruli Recht. I work as his webmaster, and just thought that some people in here might like his designs. I find his designs particularly interesting because of the unconventional materials he's using, and the outof the box tailoring.
    His shoecollection is coming from production now, and I'm getting the "Messenger Veins" which I have been waiting for anxiously.

    shoes are here -->

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    Quote Originally Posted by merz View Post
    heh, i don't know if i'd call him an icelandic designer ;P

    i think there was a thread on him around here at some point, with a lot of photographs - at least there was such a thread somewhere. I own a pair of his boots.
    haha, He's being called icelandic by the media at least :) He's been around, both in Israel, South Africa and Australia, but he's settled down in Reykjavik. I searched for it before i started one in case he did already have one.

    Cool! which boots do you own? How are they?
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    I have been looking at this designer for a while too. I think he may also have some link to Australia. I would love to see some of his work in person, though the chance has not yet come my way.

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    this is pretty cool. thanks for posting.
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    Quote Originally Posted by merz View Post
    he's an oz national.
    thought so. Where did you pick up your boots?

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    The garments shown their definitely display interesting ideas but more often than not looks a little unfinished - like costume clothing, they don't really stand up to intense scrutiny in my opinion.

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    he's from melbourne. graduated from rmit.
    pity no one here stocks his pieces.

    would love to get my hands on this wood-stained leather glove/armwarmer which is part of the "corrective brace" ensemble featured here but no luck...

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    RMIT.. thats interesting.. please post more pics

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    He's quite new in the game, and has only set up production for his shoe collection so far (another one is coming) so the things you see on his website are mostly one off's.

    Now, if there are things you'd like to get, you can always mail him and order directly from the site, like the scarves or the shoes. He also has a really cool belt and a knuckle buster umbrella (Umbuster) for sale at this website

    Servo2000, In person, his garments are often more than polished, like architecture, or clay, sandpapered to perfection. He does have a history in costume clothing, which shows, but I don't think that it's a bad thing. If you see his sketches you get what he means. Most of his garments on his website are pretty old by now though, from when he went to university in 2002.
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    Klangspiel - If you want, You could write to Sruli and see if he can remake it for you :)

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    seems like it'd be a bit difficult to do everything out of Iceland, but never been there so what do i know. i'd rock those black boots on certain occasions and the second jacket is pretty sick. Heirloom, do you know the materials used in that piece?

    i do here what Servo is saying. perhaps it's a fabric issue - some of the patterns are pretty nice i wonder what they would be like done in a more textured material

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    thought this was pretty crazy/hilarious/epic..

    October 14, 2010

    Just days before we opened the doors of Vopnabúrið, August 2009, our studio was politely raided by the Icelandic Police, who searched and seized our stock of The Umbuster, charging us with importation of prohibited weapons, prohibited weapons possession and intent to sell said prohibited weapons.

    Our court hearing was this week. The result? read on.

    We just as politely explained it wasn’t a weapon, and that we had a license to import, handle and sell them… but it turned out that a legal vaguery left us suspended, pergatorially, in a grey area. So they took them, left us empty-handed, bare-fisted, and by the police charged.
    Consequently in the last year, our compliment of Umbusters has sat maturing in the oaky Police hold, and we have had several back and forths with the Establishment concerning the case.

    We pleaded not guilty: it is not a weapon. They replied guilty: it is it is it is. We replied no it isn’t: lets play this out on the court.

    And so some few days ago our case was presented to the Judge in the Courts of Reykjavík, with our case defended by our good Lawyer Vilhjálmur Hans Vilhjálmsson. Your narrator was questioned and witnesses were brought forth by the prosecutor including that of a police science investigator who stated that the handle was too light to be a weapon and as such is not a weapon. The prosecutor then changed tack and claimed that by another article in the law, it is a replica of a weapon and should be thusly classified. Our good defender stepped forth, breathed in, and like some Roman courtsman, radiated our demands in good measure. A media circus ensued - every paper in town turned up, including that of the national television news.

    The next day we were informed that the Ruling would take place the following day, two days after the hearing. Thus we turned up, sat down, and so began the Judge. I thought it pertinent and momentous to look at the wall clock, which read 9:24. The Judge began to speak. By the closing of her first sentence my good Lawyer was smiling, and the upstanding Judge was handing a box with an Evidence sticker on the front, and a single Umbuster inside. By 9:25 and 30 seconds we were pushing our seats back and walking for the door.

    The Ruling? Acquitted. This is clearly not a weapon, the handle alone or attached to the umbrella body being too light to be used as a weapon, and when importing these handles the accused clearly had no intention for them to be used as a weapon… in short, this umbrella is no more dangerous than any other.

    And so now we can once again produce, sell and send our non-product sr112, The Umbuster.

    The end.

    Post Script - articles of events as they unrolled [google translate them].

    Stöð 2 pt 1 pt 1 pt 2 pt 2

    Post Post Script - The four Umbusters from the police vaults are available as a special edition, aged 1 year.


    Sruli Recht
    "AVANT GUARDE HIGHEST FASHION. NOW NOW this is it people, these are the brands no one fucking knows and people are like WTF. they do everything by hand in their freaking secret basement and shit."


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    great video. I haven't seen anyone utilize a half scale model before, a very interesting approach.
    "AVANT GUARDE HIGHEST FASHION. NOW NOW this is it people, these are the brands no one fucking knows and people are like WTF. they do everything by hand in their freaking secret basement and shit."


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    Agreed - very much enjoyed the video. Fresh approach to model-making.

    Also great to see work where new-ish technology is integral to the process but the work isn't overwhelmed or defined by it.

    Any place in New York where one can see this in person?

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    The video was fantastic, and he seems a very interesting and intelligent character. I love the idea of utilizing technology more and more in the design process. Especially the accuracy of lazer cutting, and the grading of the size shall be mm perfect.

    In regards to the half scale models, it is something Aitor utilizes in his design process. I remember when i was studying, we would do scaled down patterns and toile using the artists wooden mannequins.

    Heirloom, does he only sell his non products through his website or does he have stores stocking them also?
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