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Thread: Sruli Recht

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    Quote Originally Posted by Edward B View Post
    a small video with the designer :
    i really enjoyed this -- im assuming the clothes hes wearing are also his and produced, and they look really soft and broken in and old on him in a good way

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    words escape me
    i traded my LUC jeans + Julius belt + Neil Barrett jeans for a blamain biker jeans

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    ^ w-w-wwhat he said.

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    Amazing, kinda hard to watch... and where to kop?

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    I wish I was friends with Sruli. I'd even let him take a pound of my flesh for some sort of interesting hat.

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    an asshat?
    "AVANT GUARDE HIGHEST FASHION. NOW NOW this is it people, these are the brands no one fucking knows and people are like WTF. they do everything by hand in their freaking secret basement and shit."


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    dying and coming back gives you considerable perspective

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    Dedication. I love the expression on his face as he leaves the room.
    "He described this initial impetus as like discovering that they both were looking at the same intriguing specific tropical fish, with attempts to understand it leading to a huge ferocious formalism he characterizes as a shark that leapt out of the tank."

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    One of one asshat. Any irregularites, scarring, and hair are intentional.

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    This is quite disturbing but apparently it could be yours.....below is from the Youtube upload

    In a documented one-time surgery-performance, a plastic surgeon removed a 110mm x 10mm strip of skin from the abdomen of Sruli Recht. The subcutaneous tissue and epidermis was then scraped from the dermis, which is stripped of fat by hand and blade, before being salted, and tanned with an Alum solution. The resulting leather from the dermis was prepared for use in the ring, Forget Me Knot.

    SR661 - Leather made from the abdomen skin of Sruli Recht, mounted to a 24 carat gold band.
    There will be only one of this piece made.
    The Forget Me Knot band is presented with a DNA certificate and a complete DVD documentary of the process, surgery and interviews with the involved team.

    Forget Me Knot
    SR661, Nov/Dec 2012, 1 of 1
    Anthropodermic leather and 24 carat gold

    This piece is presented as part of the new collection of Sruli Recht for Autumn and Winter 2013/14, Concentrated.

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    This is fascinating to say the least. One of the only examples of a designer truly putting himself into his work. Certainly bridges the gap that some perceive between fashion and art.

    Once again Sruli continues to be one on the forefront of pushing the boundaries of design, innovation and creativity. You can't get much more invested and dedicated to your craft than this.

    I'd love to see more photos of the ring and the entire process (not just the tissue harvest) up to the mounting of the skin on the ring.

    The surgeon side of me can appreciate the nice closure of the incision afterwards and the good choice of angle and location of the donor site :)

    I hope the video generates more dialogue and discussion. Usage of human skin for products has a storied past. Of course the documented harvesting and tanning of human skins at Buchenwald both to preserve tattoos and also for appliances such as lampshades. Old tomes have also been known to have been bound in human skin (some of which are present and on display in Philly at the Mutter museum). This was known to be done for medical books such as anatomy texts way back when as well. The technique known as anthropodermic bibliopegy.

    I'd love to read about Sruli's inspiration/concept for the piece and what spurred him to create it. - Digital Portfolio Of Projects & Designs

    Merz (5/22/09):"i'm a firm believer that the ultimate prevailing logic in design is 'does shit look sick as fuck' "

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    I'd also like to see the rest of the process (not to mention some info on the future buyer). fascinating. gross, but fascinating.
    i traded my LUC jeans + Julius belt + Neil Barrett jeans for a blamain biker jeans

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    Hey, at least itīs not made out of his foreskin.

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    Agreed, I'm much more interested in the process following the surgery.

    This could be the new form of extreme body modification. Lets start a business...we just need a designer, plastic surgeon, a couple folks on the business end. Get in while it's hot.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Resonkuken View Post
    Hey, at least itīs not made out of his foreskin.
    There's always a silver lining...

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    Has anyone seen this yet?
    this is mind blownly ridiculous...
    Forget me Knot sking ring - a slice of skin surgically removed from the designer Sruli Recht
    mounted with 24k gold
    and this is only selling for 350euro?!


    i was tempted to put this video on the Fashion Media category but thought this place would be more appropriate. Yet, can i still post this there?
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    It's 350 000 € I guess. Weird as fuck by the way...

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