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Thread: Metal/Hardcore/Powerviolence Thread

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    Default Metal/Hardcore/Powerviolence Thread

    I was wondering if any of you other dudes are into heavy music? What genres/bands?

    Been listening to Noothgrush, Corrupted, Graves at Sea in terms of doom and sludge, pretty much exclusively Wolves In The Throne Room in terms of BM and Mother of Mercy in terms of hardcore

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    also, thought I'd give it a shot -> anyone here into boots? specifically, CCP, cdiem and the likes?

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    Sublime is pretty good
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    this place is filled with crusters ex post whatever punks. it's an all black thing.

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    I'm more of a screamo guy.

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    while I don’t really listen to my old metal music a lot at home, I still go to festivals each year and so enjoy them. In the last 10 years, I only missed 2 graspops. Last summer, I went to hellfest for the first time and was blown away.
    Maybe it’s because I (well, we) grew up with all of it and never let go. With the years (and age) I discovered lots of new music, most often entirely different from the true shit of the past, but once a year it all returns

    Some new bands I really like are Pallbearer and True Widow which, for me, incorporate everything Doom is about. So good.
    Concerning Neo Black Metal, well, the Wolves are good, but I also like Deathhaven. The Bay Area bands are good, in general.

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    Tonight on AMC..

    Tomorrow at your door lol

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    Meshuggah and Sikth, still my two favorite metal bands.

    I love beautiful melodies, telling me terrible things.
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    I'm really into the wave (Pianos Become the Teeth, Touche Amore, etc), which I realize is more post-hardcore, but I think that may(?) still count for this thread.

    Also a longtime fan of Three Inches of Blood, whom I have a personal connection to, as well as Pride Tiger and Bison BC; just the whole lower mainland heavy metal circuit.

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    STREAMING: Napalm Death "Cesspits"

    The new material has me feeling something. Always love that Barney's lyrical concepts tend to have a more mature, constructive approach rather than the generic spew (especially in the case of sociopolitical subjects) you get out of this end of the music spectrum.

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    Thanks Osseovs.
    They are about to release their 15th album next year, damn..

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    what I'm listening to as of late. Glad to see a thread dedicated to this type of music!

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    Deffo one of the best fucking bands to see live.

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    I am into death, black, thrash metal, mathcore, grindcore, sludge, drone, ambient, etc.
    ...bombing the bass, blasting the beat

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