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Thread: Your top10 (ouch)

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    pulp fiction
    fiesta hemingway
    hollywood bukowski
    talk to her almodovar (i cry 3 times)
    new york post
    browsing clothing stores when nothing to do
    trendy sick artshow
    sofisticated women in thier late 40s
    i wanna have a baby
    but what started out as business has quickley turned to pleasure

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    Quote Originally Posted by mamaboy View Post
    browsing clothing stores when nothing to do
    this is a good one

    it's such a great crutch for boredom not unlike smoking - after you get into the habit it becomes a second nature to the point that you can't really remember what life was like before it.

    let me show you a few thangs

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    Default a slight bump

    in addition to exposing this thread to newer members, i'd also like to hear from older members who already have a list here, and what they'd change after the last three or four years.


    Djuna Barnes - Nightwood
    Maurice Blanchot - Thomas the Obscure
    Mikhail Bulgakov - The Master and Margarita
    Witold Gombrowicz - Diaries
    Lao Tzu - Tao Te Ching
    Henry Miller - Tropic of Cancer
    Toshio Mori - The Eggs of the World (short)
    Moishe Nadir - From Man to Man
    Mark Twain - Adventures of Huckleberry Finn
    Francois Rabelais - Gargantua and Pantagruel

    remember, books are more interesting than movies, and movies are more interesting than music, and if you disagree prove me wrong with a list
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    Top 10 Paintings (no order):

    1. Winters' Light (1994) by Bill Jensen
    2. Painting (1954) by Philip Guston
    3. Figure in a Landscape (1945) by Francis Bacon
    4. Whose Name Was Writ in Water (1975) by Willem de Kooning
    5. Untitled (1990) by Joan Mitchell
    6. Night Watch (1966) by Cy Twombly
    7. Again (2010) by Raoul de Keyser
    8. Lucian Freud (2011) by Zeng Fanzhi
    9. King Pleasure (1987) by Jean-Michel Basquiat
    10. January/December/November triptych (1989) by Gerhard Richter

    let me show you a few thangs

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    books read/acquired in the last 12 months. (kind of a copout, i guess, but Jane Bowles at least would make the top ten of all time )

    two serious ladies/camp cataract, jane bowles
    coma, pierre guyotat
    in youth is pleasure, denton welch
    instant light, tarkovsky polaroids
    brisées, michel leiris
    beauty and the beast, michael taussig
    genet in tangiers, mohamed choukri
    leaving the atocha station, ben lerner
    sterling ruby, heiser/hobbs
    a critic writes, essays by reyner banham
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    * Madame Bovary - Gustave Flaubert
    * Concrete - Thomas Bernhard
    * Blindness - Jose Saramago
    * Hunger - Knut Hamsun
    * A Bend in the River / A House for Mr Biswas - V. S. Naipaul (I can't decide which)
    * Crime and Punishment - Fyodor Dostoevsky
    * Midnight's Children - Salman Rushdie
    * The Death of Ivan Ilich - Leo Tolstoy
    * The Tin Drum - Gunter Grass
    * Trilogy - Samuel Beckett

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    the opening to "enter the void"
    90s helmut lang
    the fifth element
    yo la tengo
    rainbow cookies

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    ^ good choices among the Kubrick & Tarantino oeuvres.

    let me show you a few thangs

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    Books in no order

    La Pornographie - Gombrowicz
    Vanity Fair - Thackeray
    Endgame - Beckett
    Le 19e siecle à travers les âges - Muray
    The man who was Thursday - Chesterton
    Requiem - Akhmatova
    The Gambler - Dostoïevski
    The Lady with the Dog - Tchekhov (but basically all of his work)
    The Narnia Chronicles - CS Lewis
    German Winter - Dagerman

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    Nein, zehn Schritte vom Leibe mit dem ganzen Weltanschauungssalat. Hier wird scharff geschossen! Wenn ich Kultur höre, entsichere ich meinen Browning!

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    top 10 films as of 25/2/2013 (no order):

    1. Last Tango in Paris (Bertolucci)
    2. King of Comedy (Scorsese)
    3. Blue Velvet (Lynch)
    4. Punch Drunk Love (Anderson)
    5. Bad Lieutenant (Ferrara)
    6. Days of Being Wild (Wong)
    7. The Last Picture Show (Bogdanovich)
    8. Y Tu Mama Tambien (Cuaron)
    9. Five Easy Pieces (Rafelson)
    10. The Passenger (Antonioni)

    let me show you a few thangs

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    10. missionary
    9. spoon
    8. doggy
    7. reverse cowgirl
    6. cowgirl
    5. seated
    4. seventh posture
    3. standing
    2. saint andrew's cross
    1. suspended from the ceiling in chains

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    top 10 raw beef dishes:

    1. yook hwe
    2. porterhouse steak, blue
    3. kobe tataki
    4. carne apache
    5. gored gored
    6. bo tai chanh
    7. steak tartare
    8. kitfo
    9. carpaccio
    10. laab/larb

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    books. hehe will be interesting to see how this changes in even a year at the rate im going...

    in no particular order..

    the naked lunch - burroughs
    the fall - camus
    on the road - kerouac
    dream of a ridiculous man - dostoevsky
    the demon - hubert selby jr.
    american psycho - bret easton ellis
    tropic of cancer - henry miller
    lolita - nabokov
    portrait of the artist - joyce
    hard boiled wonderland and the end of the world - haruki murakami
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    top 10 movies

    1. Rumble Fish
    2. Serpico
    3. Fallen Angels
    4. Good Will Hunting
    5. Violent Cop
    6. The Godfather II
    7. Le Samourai
    8. Shane
    9. Bonnie & Clyde
    10. Total Eclipse

    Books/Literary Works

    1. Siddartha (Hesse)
    2. Beyond Good and Evil ( Nietzsche)
    3. Rebel/Sissyphus - Camus (can't choose lol)
    4. The Road to Serfdom - Hayek
    5. Un Saison En Enfer (Rimbaud)
    6. Egalitarianism as a Revolt Against Nature - Rothbard
    7. The Law - Frederic Bastiat
    8. No Treason: The Constitution of No Authority - Lysander Spooner
    9. What is Property - Proudhon
    10. The Ego and its Own - Max Stirner

    Honorable mention (to be hipster)

    The smile at the foot of the ladder (Miller)

    Quote Originally Posted by Macro View Post
    totally forgot about Miyazaki movies!

    I love them all, but Spirited Away was a fantastic fantastic movie :)

    And, of course, My Neighbor Totoro! haha :)
    princess mononoke is pretty legit for an anime, amazing movie. I love Nausicaa and the valley of the wind in print blows.
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    Great lists: I'm excited for the book recommendations, in particular

    Films: after the first three, the rest are listed in no particular order

    *From Pole to Equator - Yervant Gianikian (Experimental, Ethnographic)
    *A Brighter Summer Day - Edward Yang, 4 hour masterpiece. Amazing
    *Still Life (三峡好人) - Jia Zhangke

    High & Low - Kurosawa
    Shadows of Forgotten Ancestors - Sergei Parajanov
    Dead Birds - Ethnographic Film (Robert Gardner)
    Apollo Lives - Stan Brakhage (I saw this accompanied by two pianists, which was perfect.)
    Automatic Writing - William Kentridge
    Andrei Rublov, Stalker - Tarkovsky
    Frederic Wiseman - selections
    Chris Marker - honestly, all.
    On the Waterfront - Elia Kazan
    Night of the Iguana - John Huston
    Fitzcarraldo, Aguirre, The White Diamond, Lessons of Darkness - Herzog
    Agnes Varda - selections
    Malle - documentaries

    Well, this is a start. I need to stop before I get too obsessed with perfecting this list as it reflects "what I'm for" at this very moment.

    "To articulate what is past does not mean to recognize 'how it really was.'
    It means to take control of a memory, as it flashes in a moment of danger."

    -Walter Benjamin. Thesis VI, Theses on the Philosophy of History
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    Quote Originally Posted by Fuuma View Post
    The mission (To)
    Haha I know Fuuma's post was ages ago and likely no longer relevant, but a bit of <3 for the fact that a Johnnie To film made your list.

    Though I prefer Election and possibly Election 2 and Exiled more... The Mission is fun too.

    I don't know if you watch much HK cinema these days, but "Let the Bullets Fly" was great too.

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    this is going to explain a lot...
    in no particular order (at least i dont think so)

    animal farm orwell
    memnoch the devil rice
    into the night kitchen sendack
    never love a stranger robbins
    a stone for danny fisher robbins
    the teachings of don juan castaneda
    zen and art of motorcycle maintenance pirsig
    the five people you meet in heaven albom
    the electric kool-aid acid test wolfe
    complete training of horse and rider podhajsky

    being there ashby
    12 angry men lumet
    the world according to garp hill
    defending your life brooks
    altered states russell
    red balloon lamorisse
    butch cassidy and the sundance kid hill
    MASH altman
    eternal sunshine of the spotless mind gondry
    planes, trains and automobiles hughes
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    -licorice allsorts
    -charleston chew
    -swedish berries
    -big turk
    -bridge mixture
    -twizzler pull-n-peel
    -ritter-sport marzipan
    -nibs (full size, cherry)

    -une fleur de cassie (malle)
    -osmanthus (the different company)
    -angel (mugler)
    -declaration (cartier)
    -scent (theo fennell)
    -le feu d'issey (miyake)
    -vol de nuit (guerlain)
    -bois des iles (chanel)
    -100% love (s-perfume)
    -iris silver mist (lutens)

    -house of yes
    -blade runner
    -lost in translation
    -breakfast at tiffanys
    -the shining
    -bourne identity
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    Yay top 10 fragrance list from Dane. How often does the list mutate these days? I remember seeing a few evolutions on your blog I think.

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