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Thread: Cobblers, shoe care, DIY

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    Hi, guys! I really want to buy leather shoes but I heard that it is very difficult to take care of them, is that true? can you give me any advice on how should I take care of them? I really like Rick Owens Sandals, where can I order them? By the way guys, I have a question about delivery, how can I find out my postcode? I live in London.
    Seems you're quite new to fashion. There are plenty of resources available on this forum to get you started. This thread is one of them. Go back and read through this thread for all you need to know about leather shoe care. There is also a more general leather care thread.

    You can find answers to your other questions using simple google searches. I'd advise doing some more research on your own before asking such simple questions.

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    Hi all,

    I just bought a pair of Dimissianos & Miller Derbies, and as i was prepared for, the leather and the shoes in general are quite stiff (they are made in Horse Culatta leather).
    Have you got some suggestions for let them softer before the use? I have "saphir" mink oil but i honestly don't think it's the best thing to do applying it, since the shoes are brand new.

    Thank you
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    Quote Originally Posted by Campe92 View Post
    Hi all,
    Have you got some suggestions for let them softer before the use?

    Thank you
    Saphir makes a product called shoe-eze precisely for softening leather. I've never used it but it may help. Otherwise you can take a rubber mallet and basically hammer the shoe at the stiffest points like the heel and maybe the vamp. That's what I used to do to help break in Docs.

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