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Thread: Geoffrey B. Small

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    Quote Originally Posted by Ahimsa View Post
    this dress gives me great joy.............
    “You know,” he says, with a resilient smile, “it is a hard world for poets.”
    .................................................. .......................

    Zam Barrett Spring 2017 Now in stock

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    Default thank you Zam and Mojo1990 + our next collection in Paris...

    Quote Originally Posted by zamb View Post
    this dress gives me great joy.............

    Thank you very much Mojo1990 and Zam!

    Credit for the dress goes to Toby Green who was the developing designer of the project and model Olivia who is with Studio Paris Model Management who is wearing the dress so well. Toby comes from Victoria BC in Canada and is training on our design team learning all aspects of design development and tailoring. This was one of his first official collection projects, with him developing patterns, muslin testing, cutting and constructing the piece all by himself. It must also be noted that before leaving everything in Canada and coming to Italy to try out for a slot on the Sartoria team about a year ago, he had never sewn or created clothes before (although he had been making jewelry and studied visual arts at the University of Victoria). An example of Toby's persistence and determination and the amazing developmental teaching and organizational progress that is going on in our workrooms as we build and develop a new generation of real practitioners in the art and science of tailoring for the future. Along with Nicholas Giannelli, Lois Dionisio, David Wild, Brandon Leung and our growing team of real working designers, great strides are being made in both the creative and productive capacity of our team.

    Along with them, Toby will be in Paris this weekend to introduce our latest body of new works. The new collection, driven by those who think differently, and inspired to propose and define a new "intellectual style" for radical thinkers everywhere, will be dedicated to my dad who passed away earlier this year as well as other scientists, intellectuals, teachers and academics like him past, present and future who always expressed a different way of seeing and looking at things in our world.

    Due to the nature of the presentation and in interests of discretion, we are only having about 50 private invitees. If you are in Paris Zam, you are as always most cordially invited.

    For other SZ'ers in Paris who would like to attend please contact Lionel for a last minute pass:

    Cheers and thanks again,


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    Dear Geoffrey,

    I am curious to know if this beautiful Waistcoat was purchased or is currently available at any of the select stores worldwide?

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    Geoffrey B. Small SS20 - "radical numbers"
    View more on SZ-Mag

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    Default GBS North America in-store tour 2019


    Thanks so much to Ahimsa, Faust, and the incredible Matthew Reeves for the great photo essay of “radical numbers” for SZ-magazine. Also to all of the great fellows who modeled the collection and worked together to make the presentation possible… many heartfelt thanks.

    I inform SZ readers that I will be in North America in early August for the following intimate personal in-store events...

    Atelier in New York on Saturday 3 August

    Is there life after streetwear? Few stores in North America have been more synonymous with the artisanal design movement than Atelier in New York. From its founding by partners Karlo Steel and Costantin von Haeften through 2 different locations to its closing, acquisition and then rebirth and rebuilding by its current owner Lu Han into two locations in Manhattan and now Flushing respectively, the store has housed a long list of veteran and younger designers known for their focus on craft and the art and metier of making things. Recently however, the corporate industrial push of streetwear has had a huge impact on many of these designers, the market in general, and even some of the store’s selection of brands. However, anyone who was inside the industry and attending the most recent men’s fashion week circuit presentations in both Milan and Paris couldn’t help but see, hear and feel a dramatic shift taking place away from tee’s, hoodies and sneakers and back to tailored pieces across virtually all brands. So what’s up with that? Well for one, that nasty sustainability and plastic problem isn’t going away as recently evidenced by Stella McCartney’s 2nd corporate sellout of her brand and company now to LVMH (after Kering before them) and this slamming article on the industry that just came out in the The Guardian . And for two, many of the generation-Z and millennial customers particularly in China are moving on, growing up, and starting to learn more and more about what longer-term wardrobe value means. And like the entire Chinese fashion market history so far, they are moving faster than anyone expected.

    I will be in New York at the store on West 8th Street on Saturday August 3rd for an intimate designer-in-person event with SZ to discuss these questions and introduce our newest Autumn/winter 2019 pieces made for the store from “the onion” and “I am not sustainable” Paris collections. If you are in the New York-area, and an existing GBS customer or hoping to become one, this would be a great time to “ask the designer” any questions you may have on old and new pieces, and I will be personally signing GBS pieces purchased during the event with the customer’s name or message in the piece. Looking forward to seeing many of you on the 3rd. Please contact the store for more event information and invites:

    Stunning image by Dario Ruggiero of Bleeke in Paris wearing a new GBS supersuit in Luigi Parisotto’s amazing new “Mortisa”
    wool, cotton & cashmere fabric from “the onion”aw2019 collection now arriving at Atelier in New York, where I will be personally
    signing GBS piece purchases during the event with the customer’s name or message.

    (more AW19 images of the "onion" by Dario Ruggiero coming up soon)

    Leisure Center in Vancouver on Tuesday August 6th

    Ah, and about that 22k euro suit that so many have been commenting about…. From NYC, I will be heading northwest to Vancouver to be at Leisure Center for a discreet and private event to personally introduce in detail, discuss and sign the incredible new Super 210’s supersuit which has just arrived there in-store and was written about last month on this thread. A great chance to see people in the northwest interested in our work and approach--and also discuss old and new GBS pieces now in the store, and personally sign any purchases during the event with the customer’s name or message in the pieces. Looking forward to seeing many of you on the 6th. If you are in the Vancouver BC area at that time, please contact the store for more event information and invites:

    Studio workroom image in Cavarzere Venezia Italy of the 22 thousand euro Fratelli Piacenza 1733 Super 210's
    "Arcadia" 13-micron ultralux wool GBS supersuit now arriving at Leisure Center, where I will be personally signing
    and numbering it on 6 August as well as other GBS piece purchases during the event with the customer’s name
    or special message.

    Looking forward to meeting some of you at either Atelier or Leisure Center…

    Best wishes,



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