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Thread: Geoffrey B. Small

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    Always something to think about and marvel at. Looks great Geoffrey!

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    Default thanks Clay

    Dear Clay,

    Thanks very much. It's always great to hear from you. Hope you are doing very well. Sorry for the delay, I promise to get part 2 of the Fabric Story out soon for you (how the world changed...), as soon as I can. But first, I have to get through Paris men's next week and then a special in-person visit to Nuzyn in Amsterdam on 3 July. And while I have been avoiding doing defiles (fashion shows) for some time in Paris, I have decided we have to do a show/performance presentation in addition to the showroom this time due to the special nature and purpose of the new collection, ----so it's another mountain of work. It will be a very small and quiet thing by most standards, but I have been in contact with my long-time team of casting, models, lighting, sound, photo and video people, who are all able to work with me once again this time around, and it's an opportunity to work with some of the best guys in the world: Stephane Olivier, Koos Faber, Maurice Giraud, Guido Barbagelata, Jerome Chichet, Lionel Csinski and others, all together one more time. And that for me, is a precious thing. I am not using any press agent, and am not on the official calendar for a variety reasons-- first and foremost, because of the nature and purpose of this new collection--so the audience should be quite private, intimate and very small, maybe as few as around 5-10 people, some from SZ. We'll see. I have to do the invitations and promotions myself at this time, so it's limited. My number one focus however, is on the collection performance and the successful capture of it on photo and video. If you are in Paris let me know, would love to see you.

    Best wishes, Geoffrey

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    lieu en atteinte/location to be announced.

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    Wow G! The performance sounds like its gonna be nuts!!! Good luck with all! Hopefully you'll post it on your website next season.

    I'm well at the moment thanks! definitly looking forward to part 2 of Fabric First ( whenever you post is fine ). You are a busy guy and I'm sure we all understand. Do your thing!

    Oh! You can bet that whenever I get to Paris again ( last time was 2003) I will let you know and would love to meet as well! Also would love to meet other SZ members in Paris.

    Much Respect,

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    Dear SZer's,

    Am finally back from Paris and a great visit at Nuzyn 2.0 in Amsterdam. Our Paris show was very different and quite emotional for all who were involved. Am trying to put together a posting/story for SZ that conveys at least some of what people who were there experienced in person...

    Back soon, Geoffrey

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    Here are some pictures taken at Geoffrey B. Small's showroom in Paris, at the end of the SS11 fashion week... Unfortunately, no one of us (Mailmoth and I) had been able to be at the show itself, which had taken place a few days before our visit. Seeing on the racks the clothes displayed at this occasion could only make us regret this missed opportunity.
    We truly hope the photos do justice to the quality of the works we had the chance to handle there: we all know Geoffrey's strong commitment to his creations and ideas, and it is a beautiful thing to see how he succeeded in embodying the values he treasures in those rare garments.

    A full report, written by Mailmoth, on our visit to the showroom is to be found here, with the entire set of pictures...

    Many thanks to Geoffrey for his patience, his kindness and the insightful and passionate thoughts he shared with us on this occasion!

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    Dear BSR,

    Thanks so much to you and mail-moth for the photos and the piece you did on fashionology ( It is really appreciated especially given the controversial nature of the collection and the fear of many retailers to get on board and "come out of the closet" with our very out-front environmental and anti-nuclear position. So many of them are afraid that by doing so they might lose customers. I of course, totally disagree. I believe there are a lot of customers out there who want to get active and do something about this stuff. And we are discussing ways that the collection could help raise funds for leading environmental and anti-nuclear organizations around the world. I also believe the customers that such retailers think they might lose are precisely the people that need to be informed better and more about the world they are living in. Once informed, they will think differently and appreciate the service. Fashion retail needs to wake up and stop the concept of just selling "schmatas." They need to realize that they are citizens of their community in which they operate, and as such, have a responsibility to do more than just try to make money selling articles that their customers don't really need or worse contribute to environmental and human degradation around them and in the world. I will say more on this later as I believe it is something that needs to be raised on SZ, especially in recent months--there is a lot of hypocrisy in the air. But it will have to wait a little.

    Now, I am almost ready to post-up a story on the Paris show itself, but first I would like to give SZ a look at our most recent delivery, which is also a very exciting new project and service that we are in the process of introducing to the world market.

    Posting up soon.

    Thanks again and best wishes, Geoffrey
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    I'm speechless. Absolutely beautiful collection... the 3-pieces (jacket, waistcoat and pants) set in 180 looks like a dream.

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    Yes, splendid work, Geoffrey. Quite unique indeed. If I had to wear a suit it would have to give the exact same feeling of nonchalance, otherwise it would be senseless.
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    The whole FW10-11 collection is amazing, especially the out of the world cashmeres. I would love to own all or any of the pieces from it. Fantastic work.
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