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    Guido Barbagelata’s razor sharp image of Juli in Paris on the runway of Saturday’s ‘wait’ presentation wearing the new extreme shoulder super-advanced handmade dark silhouette based upon the terrifying new “microburst” storm systems now being caused by unstoppable global warming. While the firm continued to push awareness of the realities of the world around us to the international fashion press and industry, it also pioneered a new return to dark concepts with a new shape and new advanced artisanal and sustatinable technologies. Principal developing design work on the stunning new tailored piece was performed by Nicholas Giannelli using Luigi.Parisotto’s new ultra-research cotton and ramie Russel stripe cloth with GBS hand dye technologies at Cavarzere Venezia in Italy. More coverage coming soon.

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    Default 'wait' by Dario Ruggiero now on IG


    Pre-show rehearsal and backstage images of Diana Akimova in Fratelli Piacenza's new Mouline' super 130's
    incredibly lightweight summer wool handmade bomber jacket ensemble developed by Nicholas Giannelli and Laurine da Boville wearing the new super-shouldered handmade long coat in exquisitely textured superlux cotton woven entirely by hand on 18th century wooden handlooms at Badoere di Morgano by Tessitura La Colombina developed by Lois Dionisio- part of Dario Ruggiero’s beautiful photo essay of 'wait’ in Paris now up exclusively on our official instagram page here.

    We also eagerly await the release
    here on SZ of Matthew Reeves editorial story, who also photographed the collection backstage before the show in Paris. More coverage and news on the record-breaking collection soon. Cheers, Geoffrey & the team

    photos this post © Dario Ruggiero, all rights reserved.
    Visit GBS on instagram


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    Default 'wait' Paris show video by Kris Dionisio


    Many thanks to Ahimsa, Faust and SZ for Matthew Reeves runway coverage on SZ-mag (see seasonal collection threads). 'wait' has been one of our most successful collections in Paris to date, setting new records for both press coverage and women's spring/summer season order bookings for a single collection. Against all odds in an industry with a Paris Fashion Week now totally dominated and rigged by LVMH, Kering and a slew of other financial groups and deal-players who seek to imitate them, a tiny truly independent, truly artisanal designer firm continues to express its art, produce and distribute its work to the best clients in the world, and grow at annual rate of 25-30 percent over the past 11 years with no outside financing. And the fact that this is also happening in women's as well men's collection work now is even more remarkable for an independent firm.

    And when I say "independent," I mean really independent. Just about every designer doing Paris runway nowadays is working under somebody else's thumb: somebody who owns their brand and name's production, distribution and financing--and in the end calls the shots, perhaps maybe allowing the "designer" the chance at least to take care of the "fluff"… that being their fashion shows and some aspects of image. But, when over 90 percent of a runway show has nothing to do with what is going to be produced and put in the stores or online--that says a lot about what is going on behind the hype. Unfortunately, all too many design and fashion observers and customers fall prey to this hype. And the hype is making far too many actors and "personalities" into perceived designers and artists nowadays at the expense of the few real practitioners who are still fighting for their existence, their work, and their access to the public consciousness at large.

    On that note, we are extremely grateful and pleased to be able to extend our warmest welcome to you in viewing 'wait' our 105th, and our most ambitious Paris collection presentation to date via the new video shot and produced by Kris Dionisio in Paris. "wait" is about this summer's all-time global warming milestones, the realization by humanity that we are beyond the point of no return regarding planetary climate change and its consequences, and the terrifying new "microburst" storm systems that are a direct result of this phenomena. The microburst storm's easily recognizable visual form resembles a nuclear bomb explosion and serves as the basis of a new overall shape and silhouette of the collection which we are experimenting with, developing, and proposing as part of a comprehensive effort to determine how clothing design needs to adapt and modify itself to protect and serve our women customers now and in the years ahead. We believe it was one of the most directional, commercially-smart and exclusive women's clothing collections during a historical Paris Fashion Week seemingly dominated by global corporate luxury fashion horse races and attempts for hegemony. And most importantly, the only one directly dealing with the stunning new realities of this rapidly changing world and environment of global warming going out of control.

    As always, with many thanks to everyone who has helped us to get this far.
    Best wishes,

    Geoffrey & the team
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