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Thread: Geoffrey B. Small

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    Quote Originally Posted by Highsnobiety
    After all, its unsustainable business model rooted in weekly drops has encouraged a consumption cycle where last week’s purchase is no longer relevant only a week later, pressuring consumers to buy again.
    … like Highsnobiety’s monthly collaboration-drops consisting mostly of nylon are that much better.

    Quote Originally Posted by Geoffrey B. Small
    A huge admission from some of the folks who have been pushing the idea from the beginning.
    I have a feeling this is a move solely based on the trend of ecological awareness. We can hope this article reaches at least a small percentage of their audience (the one that stills has the attention-span to read it) and maybe even makes them rethink their spending habits.
    "The only rule is don't be boring and dress cute wherever you go. Life is too short to blend in."
    -Paris Hilton

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    Quote Originally Posted by Nickefuge View Post
    … like Highsnobiety’s monthly collaboration-drops consisting mostly of nylon are that much better.

    I have a feeling this is a move solely based on the trend of ecological awareness. We can hope this article reaches at least a small percentage of their audience (the one that stills has the attention-span to read it) and maybe even makes them rethink their spending habits.

    Thanks for the comment. Couldn't agree more with you, NIckefuge. Nevertheless, it is a big admission.

    In the meantime, we will continue our simple and steady effort that now spans 40 years, to really do something about sustainability.

    And we will continue to invest in media that has and continues to speak out about real design and real issues pertaining to it.

    In so doing, we happily present our new AW2019 lookbook campaign shot by Guido Barbagelata in Paris that we are now proudly running on SZ magazine's site (via our banner ad) as well as the upcoming issue of Many of Them coming out soon. We strongly believe it is important to help sustain the few independent media voices that are not simply commercial mouthpieces for corporation fashion and their trends, which now more than ever is becoming "sustainability" greenwashing. We encourage more of our independent designer and brand colleagues brethren to do the same...

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    Thanks again to everyone,
    Geoffrey & the team

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    Dear Geoffrey,

    I've been meaning to make an inquiry with regards to a few menswear pieces that were featured in the beautiful 'Onion' FW19/20 collection showcased in Paris. I seem to recall that a few stand alone pictures of the garments were taken at the Paris Showroom by Cathedral which were of particular interest. I'm curious to know if perhaps any stores will be carrying these pieces in the coming months. I have attached URL links to their respective looks for your kind consideration.

    Striped Shirt:

    Similar fabric featured inner shirt:

    And this beautiful layering of shirt and vest:

    Fortunately I own a pair of OCP09 trousers which I feel will compliment the striped fabric of the shirt featured in the first two links

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    Default reply to your queries...

    Dear Mojo1990,
    Thanks very much for your post. Apologies to you for the long wait for a reply, we are unable to post anything due to record season and extreme work loads. Will briefly try to reply to your queries…for the striped shirt in your first 2 pictures linked above (DOS18) we made 12 pieces for the world. First two of these were delivered to Arts & Science in Aoyama. Eight pieces are now arriving at Cathedral in Osaka and Ginza (many are pre-booked), and the final 2 pieces have just been made for Liberte in Kobe and arriving next week. For the vest, unfortunately no dealers are carrying the DOJ15 this season. Five pieces of the shirt/jacket worn with the vest in your photo were made (DOS01) and have been delivered as follows: 1 piece for Persuade in Bilbao, 3 for Souterrain in Roppongi, 1 for Zovin in Shenzhen. Our Japanese dealers pre-book most of their pieces for their clients in advance before our deliveries arrive so please contact the above dealers asap to reserve or request availability. Thanks again for your post and support.

    Best wishes, Geoffrey & the team

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    Default AW 2019 Paris show coverage in Uomo & Donna Collezioni

    COVERAGE is out of our Paris AW2019-20 men’s and women’s
    collection shows in both Uomo and Donna Collezioni magazines.
    We are pleased to post copies of the coverage here on our thread at StyleZeitgeist for members of the forum.
    Collezioni is published in Italy and is the industry’s leading international runway coverage print publication.
    Pieces from the GBS “The Onion” and “I am not sustainable” collections are now in-store
    or arriving at exclusive authorized GBS dealers worldwide.*

    With many thanks to everyone,
    Geoffrey & the team

    *Special collections available exclusively in the world at
    L'Eclaireur in Paris, Hostem Archive at the Blue Mountain School in London, Darklands 6.0 in Berlin, Eth0s in Shanghai,
    Ink in Hong Kong, Trois Pommes in Zurich, LeForm in Moscow, Persuade in Bilbao, Arts & Science in Aoyama, JS Luxe in Omotesando and Umeda,
    Cathedral in Osake & Ginza, T.O. in Kochi, Souterrain in Roppongi, Provogue in Nagoya, Liberte in Kobe, Hues in Fukuoka, Gullam in Daikanyama, Carrefour in Jiyugaoka,
    Ripe Ark in Utsunomiya, Atelier NY in New York, and Leisure Center in Vancouver.

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    Thanks again to everyone,
    Geoffrey & the team[/QUOTE]

    just wondering for the details , really Mr Geoffrey i define your work as the algorithm of art & tailoring
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    After touching every single GBS piece at Darklands I am convinced, one could take a nap in your clothes, wake up and still feel and look sharp. In my book, this is the biggest compliment garments can receive.
    "The only rule is don't be boring and dress cute wherever you go. Life is too short to blend in."
    -Paris Hilton

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    Default Interview in new issue of Many Of Them 1/3

    Thank you so much Nickefuge and darkpyramid for your recent comments.

    Of course, nothing would be possible without all the work that all of the people who are involved in the creation of GBS clothes contribute to each and every single piece. So I need to thank all of GBS’s employees, suppliers, and dealers worldwide for their work in building and distributing some of the world’s best clothes being made today. And thanks to all of our SZ readers for supporting our work and our mission along with each and every one of our customers whose purchases and investments help to keep the precious metier of extreme handmade technology alive with the human touch that our clothes are slowly earning recognition for, in more and more places.

    We hope also that some people begin to understand the design side of our clothing more, which is no less important as our quality. In fact, our quality is an integral part of our design approach, which for 4 decades has aimed to be consistently positioned in the most advanced areas of clothing and design. We are still working on and holding that position more than ever today. And while our independent status and anti-corporate fashion stance has led mainstream fashion media and organizers to refuse to cover our shows and our work for decades, it has not stopped us from growing steadily over the years.

    Nevertheless, we have paid a steep price for that independence in regards for being the first to launch a long list of concepts and ideas in Paris since 1993, and not getting credit for it. By refusing to cover our shows and our work, a relatively small circle of corporate-backed organizers and media continue to enable their backers to exploit, assimilate or simply ripoff research and development that our firm invested in and developed first, and then use the same powerful media circles to make them look like it was their invention and genius that did it . Sometimes it's a big corporate brand with it's “DJ” of the moment at the helm, other times more insidiously, it can be a young ambitious independent (more adept at schmoozing than really creating) that the corporate machine has their eye on for an acquisition or takeover. They can't buy us, but they can sure buy some youngster just out from some fancy college design program (pumped up by the same corporate machine circles) trying start in the game. And then they get their media friends to say the youngster invented the idea and everybody believes it. That's how the game works. Big companies need ideas in this business and don't like to pay for them. That means giving credit and paying the real designer who knows what it costs to do it. Why do all that when it's far more efficient to copy ideas and just use big media muscle to lie about where the ideas actually came from?

    The practice has been systemic historically, and our firm has had to both witness it and survive it for years. It’s part of the price of actually being in the business of being first. You must first place all energy, resources and investment on the pure R&D, the science and the art— just to do it. You cannot dilute those things by focusing your work on hype, PR, marketing and grabbing the credit. You won't be able to be the one who does the thing first if you do that. And because of that, you lay yourself always open to copiers who have taken the alternative strategy that it doesn’t matter who did it first, what matters is who people think did it first based upon what info they are fed and what they know (which should be as little as possible). As long as they don’t look too hard, and you can muzzle people that really know the truth, nobody will know the difference. And nobody will care. Your big brand or company which is scaled up to sell and distribute more (because you do not have to focus on or pay for actually doing it) cleans up on market share, recognition and volume margins which can mean a lot of money in a very short time. You take that margin and you pour it into buying media to keep as many consumers and industry professionals as you possibly can as ill-informed as possible. And so it grows. Big fashion cannibalizes the source of the ideas it needs. As I get into discussions on other SZ threads about who started what, I may seem to get a bit emotional. Perhaps you would too, if you were in my shoes over the past 40 years, and seen what I have seen in this game.

    Inspite of this, independent voices are still speaking these days at a critical time as a new generation is making itself present while being bombarded by mainstream media in a corporate-dominated internet. SZ is one of these voices, and why our firm is so committed to supporting it and participating on its forums. Another voice is fashion editor Pedro Canicoba and photographer Antonio Macarro who publish the beautiful design book known as Many of Them. For a decade, this duo based in Spain has been setting a new standard in print that emphasizes enormous depth of coverage along with Macarro’s consistently beautiful analog photography (using real film and processing- no digital) of many of the world’s leading independent designers and creators. Their magazine editions are literally books with an enormous number of pages, and their editorial quality has been steadily attracting all of the big luxury brands and houses as well, to their unique mix and perspective on art, design and fashion. Some of our most important stories and interviews have appeared in Many of Them over the years (you can find them in back copies of previous issues and some can also be seen on earlier postings here on the GBS thread). We are pleased and grateful to have been included on one of their latest edition’s covers, and in their new issue coverage just out now for 2019 with a photo essay by Antonio Macarro and Pedro Canicoba shot in Paris and an extensive interview discussion about our firm, its design position in the industry, role in teaching, first entry into Vicunya, and other things we have been up to. As a courtesy to SZ and its readers, the publishers of Many of Them have allowed me to share some of that coverage and interview with you here with many thanks…

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    Default Interview in new issue of Many Of Them 2/3

    (continued from above)



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    Default Interview in new issue of Many Of Them 3/3

    (continued from above)

    ''..big corporations essentially
    dictate how the fashion market
    operates. How do you compete
    with those brands, while still
    being loyal to your own principles?''

    “That’s the fundamental question. It’s
    how we’ve existed and survived in
    this metier for so long. Somehow, the
    answer resides in finding a certain
    position in the industry. Each designer
    and each company has to find a niche,
    and in that sense our role was never
    about being big, but to be in the avant-
    garde, to do research, to be the first.
    So I think if somebody studied our
    collections, they would realize we’ve
    been pioneers in quite a number of

    (See beginning of interview here)

    Many Of Them is printed in Spain and distributed through specialty design and art book dealers worldwide.
    You can order their books and find out more about them here:

    Thanks for reading and Happy New Year.

    Best wishes,
    Geoffrey & the team


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    Default "just another boston guy"



    Sorry, still working on very, very big collection- no time to post anything more than this...

    As always, SZ people who are in Paris Saturday are invited- hope to see you.
    Contact Lionel asap for a place:
    thanks to everyone, cheers Geoffrey

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    Brilliant photo by Matthew Reeves now appearing on SZ mag's show coverage, of Ivan in Paris wearing the most expensive single piece presented in all of Paris men's fashion week- the extreme handmade new VA-2 100k full-optional Geoffrey B. Small accident dye III Fratelli Piacenza 1733 pure Vicunya handmade supercoat with Fontana bespoke diamond buttons at "just another boston guy" our tribute to the art and style of Ric Ocasek former band leader of the The Cars. The incredible "fabric of the gods" looks like it was printed but the effect was actually achieved with an amazing new ultra-extreme-precision-artisan process developed and performed by David Wild at the GBS workrooms in Cavarzere... further pushing GBS clothing art and technology to a level like nothing else in the world. With many thanks to everyone at SZ. View more of Matthew's shots of the show at the seasonal threads page here:

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    Geoffrey, hope you are well my friend.

    the collection looks fantastic and judging by some photos, a very big one!

    I wish I'dbe there to see it in person.
    "AVANT GUARDE HIGHEST FASHION. NOW NOW this is it people, these are the brands no one fucking knows and people are like WTF. they do everything by hand in their freaking secret basement and shit."


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