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Thread: Buying & Selling Online using Paypal

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    if the address is not confirmed, and a buyer opens a dispute claim on PayPal (saying they didn't receive the item or whatever), then the seller is only partially eligible for protection

    this means that even if they paid for online tracking, they can still lose the dispute and lose some money

    i'm not sure when (maybe it is no longer true), but sometimes as well if the buyer has an unconfirmed address the seller may not be eligible for protection from fraudulent disputes at all

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    oh right, i get it. thanks for the clarification. :)

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    Paypal is really giving me headache. My father lives and works abroad, and he used to send me some cash once in a while through, for some reason paypal thought there was something suspicious about it so they froze both our accounts and filed a claim against My dad.

    We explained the situation to them and the investigation was closed, but they still required me to provide legitimate proof of adress. I sent them a scanned copy of a Bill invoice, wich was ignored for two weeks until i called their customer support and practily asked them what the hell they where doing.

    I was then told that the invoice i sent was invalid as proof, because it didnt include a state in the adress field. The problem is that In sweden, like most european countries, States only have brief symbolic value and is never ever used in mailing or shipping situations so there is no way im going to be able to provide a proof of adress that includes the name of my state (wich is the same as the name of My fucking city)

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    he/you should try Moneybookers

    i've used it a couple of times with no problem. from what i can remember, there are no fees if your dad is sending you money from his bank account (as opposed to a credit card etc.)

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    isnt there something like online banking over there? like you can just transfer money between two bank accounts online. that way, you dont even have to go through a third party to handle your money.

    at least thats what we have here. as long as both parties have an account in that bank, you can just go online to carry out the transaction. it works between different banks too, just that you need more information, but everything is still handled within the bank itself, and not a third party

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    For buyers, it might be of some concern that recent amendments to the PayPal User Agreement state (at the 9837345th line), that there is no guarantee of refund if the seller plays you out, even if you win the PayPal Dispute. That amendment is the first thing PayPal staff will point you to if you win a dispute and for some reason or another (including seller withdrawing funds to his/her bank account) there are insufficient funds in the seller's account to reimburse you fully, if at all.

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    if there are insufficient funds, PayPal will contact the seller constantly via phone and then mail letters

    if you read the fine print they've stated if the seller doesn't pay up when they lost the dispute that PayPal will hire collection agencies. i guess the seller could technically still not pay but it may affect their credit report or something dunno

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    ^ that system works fine in the North American continent, not in Asia. I have refunds outstanding from non-NA sellers which are already 3 years in the collection.
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    Does anyone have any experience with the error page that states "Sorry - your last action could not be completed." ?

    I can't send money out because I keep going to this page after having entered e-mail, dollar amount, payment type and clicking continue- it's frustrating and Paypal have only told me to clear my browser cache and cookies. I managed to get their technical guys to look at the account but I was curious as to your experiences.

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    i get that error sometimes if i'm trying to pay someone through eBay using Opera. switching to using Internet Explorer usually fixes it

    though it might not work for you =/

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    Does anyone know if i violate the rules for paypal if i use my fathers credit card to pay for an item?

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    Any german members here who know if why the "PERSONAL" tab is missing on the german paypal page? I cannot send payments as "gift"s...or is it just my account?
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    Quote Originally Posted by theaddict View Post
    Any german members here who know if why the "PERSONAL" tab is missing on the german paypal page? I cannot send payments as "gift"s...or is it just my account?
    nope, I haven't seen it yet either.

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    This is great, a week ago i sent paypal a scanned phone bill invoice, wich was neglected (after 4 days) with to motivation "too blurry". Then, i used the scanner at school to submit the same invoice again and when it finaly gets approved (another 3 days of waiting) they decide that the photo ID that i submitted almost a MONTH ago is invalid (although it was accepted without any complaints when i first sent it).
    So now the want to see another scanned image of my passport, wich i cannot submit because i have already reached their upload limit (5mb)...

    So i will basicly have to suck my teachers dick or something to use the fax at school in order to provide them with a second photo id.

    im going insane

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    Quote Originally Posted by quiet noise View Post

    now that is seriously some scary shit.
    WOW...and I use paypal all the time too.

    I haven't really had any major issues with it, just a few annoying things here and there.

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    so, today paypal officialy closed down my account, with the reason being that i in their opinion fail to prove that i had not being doing any "shady business".

    They will also keep (and collect interest from) my 800usd that was in the account for 180days before they will return it to my bank account.

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    Sorry to hear that.
    It seems like many american corporations always assume you are guilty until you prove yourself innocent.
    They don't answer to anyone and they don't mind screwing over individuals because individually, nobody poses a threat to them.

    The fact that they keep peoples' money for 180 days and profit off of the interest during that time is probably why they do it. They can, so they do.

    In my opinion, in the past 9 years, corporations have taken cues from the American government. Meaning that corporations have noticed that the government can get away with anything without people ever complaining about it or fighting back, so they realized that as corporations, they can push people and the people take it.

    Credit card companies can jack up your interest rate without even notifying you these days...banks can practically get away with anything they want. Change the terms of loans, force certain insurance on you if you have a name it.
    So unfortunately, this is just a small symptom of a much bigger problem and it likely won't get any better, at least in the U.S.

    We're talking about a country that supports (and some) actually encourage a health care system that literally makes profits by denying people coverage for treatment that will dictate whether they live or die. IE: The more people they worm out of covering for things like cancer treatments, transplants...any kind of chronic issue where you need ongoing treatment, many insurance companies actually pay bonuses to their employees who figure out how to cut you off and not pay for your care.
    And without getting too political, there is a huge portion of people who march through the streets actually demanding that this type of behavior is protected so there will be no change.

    I feel for you. I hope you get your funds back safe and sound. Just be glad you don't live in the United States right now where just about every company that you have to deal with has adopted this type of unethical behavior of fucking individuals just to make a few extra bucks.

    I know this has nothing to do with clothing and style but it's ridiculous that we even need to be discussing how many ways we're getting screwed by Paypal when WE'RE the ones making them. Paypal made literally billion$ in profits last year.
    All of that from people like you and me who use their services regularly.
    They're not likely to change the way they deal with their customers, ever.
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    Sorry for being kind of a dick to you.

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    Quote Originally Posted by beardown View Post
    And without getting too political, there is a huge portion of people who march through the streets actually demanding that this type of behavior is protected so there will be no change.
    Hopefully not too offtopic, as a neutral observer the teabaggers make my head spin. I really hope your country will dig itself out of this hole its created since 1982, but the pessimist in me thinks otherwise.
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    have checked around paypal for awhile but not found the info i needed. is it wise to upgrade my account now when i have been selling some stuff? before this ive remembered they took like.. maybe 6% of my money? but reasently i think it was around 4% but i dont find any info how much it costs to upgrade my account (if i even need it) or the exact amount of money they take. i havnt changed my account since i made it some year ago.

    also, if i make a payment and have for example 50$ on my paypal account. will they first use them and then use the money on my credit card when i make a payment?

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