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    i find the writing extremely clever and witty on californication...yeah the plots themselves are somewhat predictable but who cares? it's all about attitude and pace for me

    btw: a screener of the first epp leaked weeks ago

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    is AHS really that bad?

    caught a few episodes of Portlandia. most of it makes me want to strangle a hipster but there were some good skits like the lesbian bookstore clerks and the bike messenger. surprised to see a wieden skit towards the end..

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    Gonna start watching Games of thrones and breaking bad today

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    Quote Originally Posted by DRRRK View Post
    I hate to explain jokes because they were obviously bad when an explanation is needed. I changed from talking about californication to talking about bored to death after mentioning it. Whatever, about Californication, I was not too proud of always knowing who Hank will fuck 3 minutes before the end of the episode, so I stopped watching it.
    I actually read it like that at first, but thought you couldn't have been referring to it without at least capitalizing the name or giving some other hint

    I see what you mean, though I still enjoy it. then again my standards for tv shows are not the highest, I can watch pretty no brainer stuff
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    Quote Originally Posted by jamesd View Post
    Downton Abbey. I promised my Mom I would try it and was hooked right away. There's a very large cast and the show does a great job of clearly establishing pretty quickly who everyone is and what they are about.
    i'm hooked on Downton Abbey. i watched the first 4 episodes season 1 on netflix and i'm pissed i missed the 1st episode season 2 last week on pbs.

    beautifully executed production and shots. the story is your typical period piece soap opera, but it's fast paced and very watchable. the servants lives can be made into a show alone.

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    ἓν οἶδα ὅτι οὐδὲν οἶδα

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    so who else has been watching Utopia on Channel 4?

    been loving it, but damn them Brits and their 6 episode seasons. i'm going to be so pissed when its already over by the end of Feb.

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    I've just finished watching Top of the Lake, which I found great, really gripping, great atmospheres etc

    Now I'm waching Peaky Blinders. Competely different, but very cool

    I really like this 6 episode format

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    Just finished the first season of a French show called The Returned. Really entertaining. Reminded me of Twin Peaks. Has a similar vibe.

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    Just finished sherlock holmes season 3,it's fantastic,well plan,best editor ever,but too short.

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    Sherlock is in indeed very enjoyable and I like the over-the-top production and plots, much like Luther.

    Most promising show for me right now is True Detective. Having a time differential and a single writer/showrunner for the series is definitely interesting.

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    I don't know how anyone who has actually read Conan Doyle can watch that garbage.
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    black mirror is worth watching.

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    It is a bit cliché sometimes, though I am not sure if some of the stock characters are there on purpose, but the acting is great and I never thought I would hear Grinderman on a tv show.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Verdandi View Post

    It is a bit cliché sometimes, though I am not sure if some of the stock characters are there on purpose, but the acting is great and I never thought I would hear Grinderman on a tv show.
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