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Thread: DIY: Leather Thorns Necklace

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    Default DIY: Leather Thorns Necklace

    Here is the process of making the leather thorn necklace.

    -2oz calf leather
    -Tape (only used to hold the leather during the twisting process)
    -Waxed cotton thread

    I started out by cutting two strips of leather about 3cm wide.

    Then cut the thorn shape (any length, shape or direction desired, they can be edited at any point) leaving a 1cm central strip.

    Turn the leather in opposite directions from each end so the strip forms a spiral-like twist.

    Once twisted, make sure the thorns are all free and pull the leather tight from end to end to insure there aren't overlaps in the spiral.

    Twist the two leather spirals together in a helical fashion (don't twist this portion too tightly). Tie off both ends and the process is complete.

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    impressive... akin to ann d's s/s10 (only hers is longer & distressed)?

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    Quote Originally Posted by vznheir View Post
    impressive... akin to ann d's s/s10 (only hers is longer & distressed)?
    you don't say?!
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    the finished product looks really nice.

    I might want to make one that is longer and wraps around a few times
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    That's definitely possible, I only made it necklace length because I was limited by the size of the leather scraps. If I can find a large enough hide I will make one many feet long so my gf can use it as a multi-wrap belt.

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    looks good but would look better distressed, though that is just personal preference.

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    Default Tried it out

    Really nice tutorial. Here's what I came up with. I Must Not Think Bad Thoughts
    Thanks for putting this up!

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