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    I'm excited to announce the release of a project I've been working on called Assorted Media.

    We release limited edition packages of art and music, our first release "Unstable Identities" is out now. It features art and music by 8 contributing artists, read more about it here:

    The idea is to release something personal and not so disposable where you can discover some fantastic new artists. You will get a USB with a 10 track mix, music videos and each package comes with a high quality photo print. On the website you will find a short sample of the music included as well as artist bios. But you will have to order the package to hear everything.

    Myself and the artists involved have spent a lot of time creating some truly worthwhile art and music and I hope you'll take a minute to check it out!

    If anyone works for press and would like me to send a promotional copy, please DM me!
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    Chris Stein of Blondie on New York, Then and Now

    SZ talks to Chris Stein about his new book and about New York.

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