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RIP Lost53

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  • khiev
    Senior Member
    • Nov 2006
    • 239

    RIP Lost53

    Received a PM not long ago that Lost53/James is no longer with us after a tragic accident. His funeral will be held this Friday. PM came from one of his friends. I didn't know him at all but I think every loss is deeply felt in the sz community. Thanks to this website I've met quite a few interesting posters and some I have had the good fortune to call good friends. RIP Lost53, sorry I will have never met you.
  • Dawn
    Senior Member
    • Mar 2009
    • 100

    Wow, incredibly sad news. Me and James exchanged many emails throughout the years. He was always helpful and seemed very humble and down to earth. My deepest condolences goes out to his family and loved ones. RIP, you will be dearly missed!


    • Dane
      • Feb 2011
      • 3227


      i hate reading posts like these. :(
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      • cjbreed
        Senior Member
        • Feb 2009
        • 2711

        oh man. this is sad news. i didn't know him personally but we pm'd quite a few times. he was a very nice guy. cool and genuine. this is so sad to hear. what a shame...
        dying and coming back gives you considerable perspective


        • DRRRK
          Senior Member
          • Aug 2009
          • 1195

          I really think the should be a ban from posting anywhere else with nitpicking first world problems posts for some hours. This is fucking sad news. The world keeps spinning, sure, but let's show some sincerity. Such a nice and polite guy, what a loss. Rest in peace, wherever you are, James.


          • upsilonkng
            Senior Member
            • May 2010
            • 874

            i did quite a few deals w/ him and i have to say very polite super nice dude this does make me very sad....


            • 550BC
              Senior Member
              • Jan 2013
              • 783

              Knowing him from both living in The Netherlands and being a part of this community, this is sad. Rest in Peace, James.
              a fish out of water dies


              • Icarium
                Senior Member
                • Oct 2010
                • 378

                rest in peace sir


                • curiouscharles
                  Senior Member
                  • Jan 2008
                  • 999

                  i just hate hearing news like this.

                  James was always such a nice fellow, 'twas a pleasure knowing him and our community will miss him.

                  rest in peace James.



                  • destroymebaby
                    Senior Member
                    • Aug 2012
                    • 260

                    This is awful. We pm:ed only a couple of weeks ago. He seemed to be a real gentleman. What a loss.
                    The morning is not enough.


                    • zamb
                      Senior Member
                      • Nov 2006
                      • 5834

                      After dealing with some shitty problems over the last couple of weeks, and finally resolving some issues and feeling better, I am now deeply saddened again.

                      He was indeed one of the nicest guys on the forums here and a loyal Customer of mine.
                      Condolences to his family and loved ones................this is a Sad day for his family, friends and the community
                      “You know,” he says, with a resilient smile, “it is a hard world for poets.”
                      .................................................. .......................

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                      • messenoire
                        Senior Member
                        • Nov 2009
                        • 1232

                        what a bummer, we did a few deals back and forth and he'd help me out with questions pretty frequently. he was a truly stylish gentleman. what a loss for the community


                        • Ntropy
                          Junior Member
                          • Dec 2012
                          • 17

                          Holy shit. This sucks.

                          I hung out with him once when I was living in San Diego. I even bought a Julius gun holster moto off him which I wore like 2 days ago. How eerie....


                          • BeauIXI
                            Senior Member
                            • Nov 2008
                            • 1272

                            I could tell he had very good character from his posts. May you rest in peace, Lost.
                            Originally posted by philip nod
                            somebody should kop this. this is forever.


                            • rider
                              eyes of the world
                              • Jun 2009
                              • 1536

                              how do you say good-bye after someone is gone? it is so sad, and really sucks.
                              hope his soul comes back to visit again...