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Backing up your private messages

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  • lowrey
    • Dec 2006
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    Backing up your private messages

    just found out how to do this as it was inquired by some members...

    there is a limit to the size of your inbox, so you may want to save your messages before deleting them or back them up regardless. you can do this in about 5 minutes. after downloading them, please delete old ones from your inbox to save server space.

    go to the bottom of your PM inbox, there should be an option to download all messages in 3 different formats. this is at least one way of doing it:

    1. select "Download all Private Messages as: XML", and save the file to your computer. downloading them as a text or html file will probably jam your browser or notepad if you have a lot of messages.

    2. Unless you know what to open this file with, you can download a software called VBulletin PM Reader from here.

    3. install the program and launch it.

    4. it should ask if you want to create a new database, click yes. this will be the base file for your PM's, choose a location for it.

    5. in the main window, click "Import XML file" and choose where you saved the file downloaded from SZ.
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