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Happy New Year!!!

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  • Faust
    kitsch killer
    • Sep 2006
    • 37852

    Happy New Year!!!

    Happy New Year, SZ!!!

    Fashion is a form of ugliness so intolerable that we have to alter it every six months - Oscar Wilde

    StyleZeitgeist Magazine
    Senior Member
    • Mar 2009
    • 1143

    Happy New Year E! Wishing you and yours all the love and success for the year twentyeleven.
    merz: your look has all the grace of george michael at the tail end of a coke binge.


    • Farkhanyassin
      Senior Member
      • Jan 2010
      • 693

      Very Happy New Year to all of SZ. I wish the best of luck in all your future endeavours. Lots of things have happened in the past year. Let's try to forget the bad aftertaste and remember the schweet stuff. Of hair-and-glasses-and-bashin-and-drape-and-drape-and-drape, have fun, stay safe!



      • kunk75
        • May 2008
        • 3364

        happy new years guys and gals


        • nictan
          Senior Member
          • Jul 2009
          • 885

          hope 2011 is a much better year for everyone. 2010 hasnt been all smooth sailing for me, well life never is. but hopefully 2011 will be much better. so much in store this year, lets minimize the disappointments


          • diorowen
            Senior Member
            • Aug 2010
            • 415

            Happy new year all!
            we don't hope 2011 will be an easy year, but we do believe it will be better than 2010!
            Have a blessful year!
            hope we can enjoy Sz more :)
            still trapped in my juvenile state


            • #7
              cheers darlings


              • calv
                Senior Member
                • May 2009
                • 101

                happy new year sz!


                • mizzar
                  Senior Member
                  • Mar 2008
                  • 219

                  C Новым Годом, с новым счастьем!
                  sorry for my bad english, i learned it from the book.

                  I too am inspired by homeless people when I buy a $1,000 jacket. Why don't we just shit on them? Oh, fashion, sometimes I wonder why I bother...(Faust)


                  • taylen
                    • Jul 2010
                    • 86


                    GONG XI FA CAI!


                    • The Great Destroyer
                      Senior Member
                      • Nov 2010
                      • 116

                      Happy New Year everyone!


                      • DHC
                        Senior Member
                        • Jul 2007
                        • 2155

                        Felice Anno Nuovo SZ!!!!
                        Originally posted by Faust
                        fuck you, i don't have an attitude problem.


                        "She is very ninja, no?" ~Peter Jevnikar


                        • Lumina
                          Senior Member
                          • Dec 2009
                          • 277

                          Happy new year everyone ! May 2011 be full of dreams, hope, and great moments (and even clothes ). Be happy and healthy !


                          • BECOMING-INTENSE
                            Senior Member
                            • Jan 2008
                            • 1868

                            I just got back from Christmas and New Years holiday
                            to my little Avenue. A cold apartment to come back to.
                            The old storage heater has been switch on, but still some
                            hours left before it gets into gear. Demeulemester wool(s)
                            accompanied by warm white citrus tea. I think I'll make it
                            through the night.

                            Though it's in the past now, I do hope you all had a lovely
                            Christmas and New Years.

                            Snow Landscape, Langebæk, Denmark, December 2010

                            Ps. I got a yoga mat for Christmas, and I have been informed
                            that is obligates me ...
                            Are you afraid of women, Doctor?
                            Of course.



                            • Faust
                              kitsch killer
                              • Sep 2006
                              • 37852

                              Nothing more awesome than Yoga, as I have been slowly and painfully finding out this past and current year.
                              Fashion is a form of ugliness so intolerable that we have to alter it every six months - Oscar Wilde

                              StyleZeitgeist Magazine