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Happy New Year!!!

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    Senior Member
    • Jan 2008
    • 1868

    Yes, a perfect start to the year, and I do very much look forward
    to take the 'bastard' into use and get back to the old ashtanga
    routine again ...

    Fantastic to hear from another yoga enthusiast.
    Are you afraid of women, Doctor?
    Of course.


    • Faust
      kitsch killer
      • Sep 2006
      • 37852

      HAPPY NEW YEAR, SZ!!!!

      May the light of Buddha shine on you in 2012.

      Fashion is a form of ugliness so intolerable that we have to alter it every six months - Oscar Wilde

      StyleZeitgeist Magazine


      • Dane
        • Feb 2011
        • 3252

        Happy New Year E. and all! Best wishes for 2012 and many a thanks for sz forum & magazine.

        i traded my LUC jeans + Julius belt + Neil Barrett jeans for a blamain biker jeans


        • uL7iMa
          • Oct 2010
          • 57

          happy new year sz! great community to be around!


          • The Great Destroyer
            Senior Member
            • Nov 2010
            • 116

            Happy new year!

            Thanks a lot SZ for the first issue of SZ Magazine and for opening my eyes to not only fashion but art, books, music and movies aswel!

            See you all in 2012!


            • TheThief
              Senior Member
              • Mar 2011
              • 435

              Happy New Year all. Stay safe out there, wherever you are.


              • mrbeuys
                Senior Member
                • May 2008
                • 2313

                Wishing you all a happy new year, ,much love, truth, happiness and all that crap... srsly.
                Hi. I like your necklace. - It's actually a rape whistle, but the whistle part fell off.


                • zamb
                  Senior Member
                  • Nov 2006
                  • 5834

                  thank you all for being good to me in 2011
                  and a peaceful productive positive and prosperous 2012 to all

                  i shall be at home with my coffee and some David Hume to usher in the new year......
                  “You know,” he says, with a resilient smile, “it is a hard world for poets.”
                  .................................................. .......................

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                  • nictan
                    Senior Member
                    • Jul 2009
                    • 885

                    didn't even remember i said that a year ago. but 2011 had been one of the worst years of my life thus far.

                    at the very least, i can seek comfort in the fact that 2012 couldn't possibly get any worse.

                    happy new year everyone!

                    Originally posted by nictan View Post
                    hope 2011 is a much better year for everyone. 2010 hasnt been all smooth sailing for me, well life never is. but hopefully 2011 will be much better. so much in store this year, lets minimize the disappointments


                    • michael_kard
                      Senior Member
                      • Oct 2010
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                      χρόνια πολλαααά
                      ENDYMA / Archival fashion & Consignment
                      Helmut Lang 1986-2005 | Ann Demeulemeester | Raf Simons | Burberry Prorsum | and more...


                      • holger
                        Senior Member
                        • Mar 2009
                        • 430

                        Happy New Year all !!!

                        Originally posted by TheNotoriousT
                        SZ Stock ausm Arsch und entspannen!


                        • Crowzer
                          Senior Member
                          • Feb 2011
                          • 1197

                          Happy New Year StyleZeitgeist !