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Moving to HongKong

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  • nictan
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    • Jul 2009
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    • mononon
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      • Sep 2009
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      ^thanks smash.

      and nictan, yeah, that stuff is soo bomb. hard to find in the states but available if u search hard enough lol. found a ton in singapore as well lol
      calvinc - "Found this place and omg the people here are so cool and they dress super ultra mega well!"


      • Jonn
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        • Mar 2008
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        ummm i think food sanity is generally ok even for the more local ones. maybe its just that one time? you are missing out a big part of hk - the awesome yet very affordable food! and hk houses some of the more authentic SE asian food places like thai and indian so dont limit yourself to just dim sum. cant think of any restaurants at the moment but one thing, try to avoid eating on star street. its all hype


        • ink
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          • Sep 2010
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          Originally posted by smash View Post
          Fine dining and local restaurant :

 is Hong Kong's most popular dining guide to help people find places to eat based on the restaurant reviews written by real local people. OpenRice also offers restaurant discount coupons and recipes. Through our Hong Kong restaurant search engine, users can easily find their desired dining places by districts such as Central restaurants,Causeway Bay restaurants,TST restaurants and cuisines such as French restaurants, Italian restaurants, Chinese restaurants, Japanese restaurants, and buffet.

          Part Time Job :

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          Haha, i also use very very often. If you budget is 1000 euro then Kowloon side will have lot of choice for you but i still think Happy Valley is the best-Around 1300 euro for a 600 feet apartment but it really worth to spend.


          • mononon
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            • Sep 2009
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            allright, will 99% be in Hong Kong this summer working in in central (international finance center). anyone else in HK wanna hang, pm me!
            calvinc - "Found this place and omg the people here are so cool and they dress super ultra mega well!"


            • teeteet
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              • Dec 2009
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              Try looking in Sheungwan, it's my favorite spot on Hong Kong island. A lot of the old Hong Kong is still intact there. Some bargains if you look hard enough, only drawback is the space...


              • Faust
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                • Sep 2006
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                The thread is a year old - he's in New York now!
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                • wendysl
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                  • Aug 2022
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