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How Quotation Marks Enhance the Creativity of Logo Designs

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  • SarahJacson
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    • Aug 2018
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    How Quotation Marks Enhance the Creativity of Logo Designs

    Logo designs serve as the core visual identity of every brand that is why a logo design is so crucial in identity building because it allows a brand to speak for itself solely through the help of a single visual design. As far as kinds of logo designs go, there exist several interesting designs, which graphic artists come up with after keen experimenting. One of such design trends is using punctuation and quote marks in your logo.
    Punctuation is more than exclamation marks and periods as it incorporates the main elements of visual punctuation including spaces, lines, icons and the traditional marks of punctuation. They might seem trivial but serve as a vital aspect in logo design concepts. The main reason why using quote marks has become a favorite in designing logos is that it enhances the readability of visual designs or printed text.

    No matter what type of brand you own, logo designs inspired by punctuation marks have the power to bring more flexibility to your logo and give them an interesting twist. If you are a startup that is unsure about where to find and acquire artistically inspired punctuation logos then you should start looking for a quotes logo maker to sway away your audience.

    In order to incorporate quote marks in your logo, you should first pay heed to understanding whether visual punctuation or contextual punctuation works for your brand. However, visual punctuation is important as it helps in adding visual flow to your logo context. Quotation marks are the perfect choice if you want to separate and make your audience emphasize on elements inside your logo design. You do not have to be a professional graphic design in order to create a compelling logo for your brand instead using quotes logo maker can help you bring in great creativity in the visual entirety of your logo design.

    Readable punctuation, space, lines, rules, icons and design elements are also a core element of using visual punctuation in your logo designs. Common symbols when using readable text are quotation marks, asterisks, colons, brackets and the comma. However, these symbols cannot be fused together all at once. The recommended choice is to make use of quotation marks as it benefits your brand’s visual purposes the most. Using an authentic and reliable quotes logo maker can help you convey your ideas and values better.
    You might be thinking that every logo design should be more vary of images, icons and appealing color combinations however, visual punctuation helps in creating the flow and direction of your design and makes it worthwhile to remember.
  • Faust
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    • Sep 2006
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    It's perfect. You should pitch it to Virgil Abloh!
    Fashion is a form of ugliness so intolerable that we have to alter it every six months - Oscar Wilde

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    • Ritsuko
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      • Apr 2021
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      That is a very interesting post to read, though. However, I have some things that I'm slightly disagree with, but it's something I will probably discuss in private. The point with those quotation marks is amazingly on point, because I see a lot of companies doing this nowadays. To be honest, that is not only about creativity, can you still call it creativity if it’s a mainstream already? Look, here minimalist logo meaning you can understand more things about minimalism in logo design and it’s probably the best place where you want to start your designer career, believe me!
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