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  • Ahimsa
    Vegan Police
    • Sep 2011
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    Documentary on Zam Barrett on SZ-mag

    Directed by Arkady M. Sokolov

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    • Faust
      kitsch killer
      • Sep 2006
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      Originally posted by zamb View Post
      my intuition has a way of guiding me to stay away from people who are nothing but problems. Thus is a guy who has contacted me berating other forum and members and designers here in the process of trying to get me to sell him stuff. Thankfully I knew to avoid him as it could have been worse had I sold him the blazer he was inquiring about.
      I banned Defender a few days ago and just saw the disparaging posts above, which I deleted. I am not in the business of providing a soapbox for psychopaths.

      Now, back to the documentary above...
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      • Piffen
        Senior Member
        • Aug 2007
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        Beautiful, feels like watching Lucky people center international 2.0.

        Really like the dialogue part of Zam Barrett. On here, allowing customers to visit the studio, this. It's been very nice following the brand so far (since relaunch) going from bags and belts to expanding to main line, category M, and (yet again) to womenswear. I wish you and the team all the best!


        • NOHSAD
          Senior Member
          • Nov 2014
          • 240

          Props to everyone who was involved in the making of the video . I enjoyed listening to Zam talked about the ethos behind his work and providing a quick history on his origins. His garment are exactly what i appreciate in clothes; beautifully made with long longevity. Keep up the amazing work Zam/Zfactorie, congrats on finally having a physical space for customers to experience your garments in person!
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          • Geoffrey B. Small
            Senior Member
            • Nov 2007
            • 618

            Me too, I will join in the long line to congratulate you. What a nice inspiring video to see real clothes-makers still slugging it out on the other side of the pond. And congrats to Arkady as well for the film direction.. some beautiful images and shots in there throughout. Great work guys and thanks for sharing it. Best wishes, Geoffrey


            • zamb
              Senior Member
              • Nov 2006
              • 5834

              Thank you all guys
              Will chime in later today

              Im all the way in Johnstown New York at a leather tannery locked away from civilization!
              “You know,” he says, with a resilient smile, “it is a hard world for poets.”
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              • deadboy
                Senior Member
                • Jul 2013
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                Very nice little doc, and really cool to have a look into where and how these clothes are made. Well done, Arkady. And I hope this brings more eyes to the ZB label.


                • yffet
                  Senior Member
                  • Aug 2009
                  • 245

                  That was real pleasure to watch this video.
                  Well, Karl is a fan of Carol. Not sure about the other way around though...(Faust)


                  • ADreamofBlue
                    Senior Member
                    • Sep 2015
                    • 194

                    Zam & Arkady - I guess I'm echoing everyone else above, but that was an amazing video. I had no idea you designed for the military, but it makes too much sense. Just makes me appreciate all the clothing I've bought, and will buy from you, even more. Did I hear some dub chords at the very end?
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                    • Arkady
                      Senior Member
                      • Apr 2011
                      • 957

                      Thank you immensely to everyone for the support and kind words. I'm intrigued to hear we've added some dimension to the objects you already have a relationship with, and glad that we've intrigued some newcomers all the same.

                      It's worth noting that Jonathan extensively sampled recordings of daily operations in Zam's atelier when he wrote the music, as our aim was to create something fundamentally of the space and the man.

                      I'm still sitting on hours of choice exegesis from Zam, including on the origins of the universe, don't tempt me to put more of this out
                      Last edited by Arkady; 02-02-2016, 12:50 PM.


                      • newp
                        Senior Member
                        • Feb 2013
                        • 631

                        This video is a great one! Thank you everyone involved.

                        Regarding socks: I have two pairs and have experienced nothing of the sort described above. Pretty much happy with construction and quality so I guess it was, if happened, an unfortunate issues.


                        • Chinorlz
                          Senior Member
                          • Sep 2006
                          • 6422

                          Many congratulations to Zam, Arkady and everyone else involved in this production. Lovely film, dialogue and soundtrack!

                          Keep up the good work everyone!
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                          • Shifts
                            Senior Member
                            • Jul 2013
                            • 325

                            The movie just sold a pair of pants. Kinda.

                            Very nice work Arkady and nice to see Zam in action again. Remember those early movie clips which were on the web site earlier now.


                            • obsi
                              • Aug 2011
                              • 47

                              Have grown to love your work more and more the last few years. Thank you for the video.
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                              • Jtothewhat
                                • Oct 2014
                                • 78

                                Really interesting and well done edit, as a relative newcomer to SZ I think it's really cool that there are some knowledgeable creatives among the forum, and I love picking up bread crumbs of information left by people like Zam on the forum. The video gave some really interesting insight, and I love that you designed for the military!