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Op-Ed | Instagram & Late Capitalism

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  • Neil
    Junior Member
    • Feb 2019
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    Thanks for bringing it up. The article consists of many relevant points especially the susceptibility of the millennial customer to advertisements and their affinity to stand out of the masses while not risking their belonging to the society.


    • darkpyramid
      • Dec 2019
      • 52

      Originally posted by applecrisp View Post
      I agree that these new breed of "designers" are so very hurt to their core by any type of critique of their work, like they can just say, "I have 200k likes on the instagram post of this dope hoody so that critic must be wrong because that's only one idiot's opinion". But if 1% of the people that like that instagram post buy something from that brand, then that will amount to huge sales, so I guess they win in the end.

      What about fashion darlings/critics diet_prada? I personally do not like what they do at all. Calling out D&G and other racists or assholes is great, and it's great that they have such a big audience that they can make some type of difference, however, their overbearing negativity and snark is not helping anyone. They are not doing any actual critique, hell, their bio is "people knocking each other off lol". That "lol" sums up to me their whole contribution to fashion critique. They're not real critics at all but people want to know what they think, and they take it seriously. It's scary. And they're clearly being paid by several brands to write good reviews. They liked the Tommy Hilfiger show?!? Really?!? That guy is a known racist and that show was god awful. And finally, the guy that is half of diet_prada released one of the worst mens collections I've ever seen in my life and he's supposed to be a taste-maker now? NO THANK YOU.

      I would love to see this article expanded in the future, it's important now to have this discussion, and I think with proper historical references (for example the quotes from Jean Baudrillard really brought the article to another level) you could help guide a certain intelligent and curious group of consumers into the light.
      About Tommy Hilfiger, he himself couldn't did what he did if he appear as a designer current days he just give his deep thanks to the 90s which brought him to fashion surface not for his design concepts but for empty area in fashion needs filling

      The same methods brought many as$#@ls from 90s to represent the legacy of fashion industry today

      What make me bleeding is what i read about Tommy Hilfiger and your words absolutely true while KVA had to went out of business by his own brand
      That simply what we all suffering this days

      And to be fair it's not only the KVA case we had there is several designers went out of business for the same reasons

      No wonder why a piece of garbage like Tommy Hilfiger is in the show while stupid (ultra stupid) consumer still purchase a stupid graphic tee of a girl wearing bikini as print with stupid cut, very bad material and ugly stitching just because it holding high end brand name

      When Deepti come with the EVA glass suit i thought this women will make new era of design /material collaboration but few years later it's 99% near to even went out of business, why? Shut the hell up. How you couldn't realize her fault of trying bring some thing new, second to none and high quality techniques, she had to did what the legend Tommy Hilfiger did

      She had to add and fill more garbage to fashion area to succeed

      Really this stupid sphere which we live on deserve guys like Tommy Hilfiger as a punishment for their sick following of trends and fashion media like goats

      They don't deserve the craftsmanship of KVA in contemporary or Deepti in dark fashion any more

      That's the ugly true


      • Priscilla E Morrison
        Junior Member
        • May 2023
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        I like instagram


        • ThomasMerrill
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          • Jun 2023
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          • mollera391
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            • Dec 2023
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