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Op-Ed | Want to Fix the Fashion System? Lower Prices.

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  • Faust
    kitsch killer
    • Sep 2006
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    Originally posted by apoemofdisplay View Post
    Maybe this is getting off topic, but the other thing that this makes me think of is, how often have people here heard of people purchasing designer clothing and using it or styling it in a way that was very personal and that differed or even went against a brand's narrative? I'm thinking about this in reference to Faust's comment that "people want the product to age with them". I'm inclined to assume that someone buying a Gucci tracksuit wants this less than someone buying a pair of Iron Heart jeans or something. Certain products almost demand wear and age, and the brands promote this relationship. I don't know that say, someone buying a Yeezy 350 expressly wants a old beat up pair for some ageing related mojo.

    The high price of a piece of clothing is justified by the consumers' perception of that item. But the reasons they're buying it for can vary wildly, even with two people buying the exact same product.
    This comment is more relevant to another article I wrote - Buy, Don't Rent
    Fashion is a form of ugliness so intolerable that we have to alter it every six months - Oscar Wilde

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    • WhiteUn
      • Feb 2021
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      I believe that in recent years, the brand's clothing is very expensive. People pay 70% of the price more for the brand than for the model and quality.
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      • henge
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        • Apr 2021
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        The bubble is growing and growing and is bound to burst eventually. Fashion has become such a huge spectacle, and with social media giving brands a larger and larger audience, they're putting on bigger and bigger spectacles. Not to mention how much money is coming from Asia now, driving up prices to have the 'prestige' of designer.
        People are consuming at a higher rate than ever to keep up with the pressure of going viral/getting views on social media, I feel like people only pay attention when someones got designer on. Which means everyone feels the need to splash out bigger and bigger.
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        • MoniqueBrandt
          Junior Member
          • Aug 2022
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          If they lower prices, it will not fix fashion. Berndovye things and accessories will always be more expensive, or their prices after reduction will indicate that the thing was irrelevant or the same as in the mass market.This is not a solution. But if a person will buy an item in May to be worn in winter, it is likely a collection that has already gone out of fashion or left over from last year. Because it's not about supply. Have you ever tried to buy a fur coat in the summer? And in the winter? And have you tried ordering a $5,000 original bag? I've seen similar products at aaabag and compared the quality there. Pretty good, and no problems with supply. Why complicate the supply chain and the economy? I do not understand


          • SherryLL123
            Junior Member
            • Aug 2022
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            After Birkenstock UK Outletlooking at various on the web comments, evaluations on Birkenstock social websites credit accounts, direct communications on my Instagram web page, and content from individuals my personal Facebook group, I discovered that I am not the only person that is convinced the standard of Birkenstock has tanked. Quality has been declining over the past several years. But, it feels as though stuff has become exceedingly more serious since Birkenstock "sold out" and dedicated Birkenstock supporters are certainly not delighted.


            • Glennphilips
              • Dec 2022
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              Lowering prices in the fashion system is one of the most effective ways to fix the fashion system. Lowering prices can make fashion more accessible to a wider range of people, encouraging more people to participate in the fashion industry of Keep Networth. Lower prices will also help to reduce the environmental impact of fashion by making it more affordable to use sustainable materials. Lowering prices will also create a more competitive landscape, encouraging innovation and creativity in the fashion industry.


              • Dreamer7
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                • Jul 2024
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                Forget the latest trends! While new clothes are always exciting, some collectors prioritize the thrill of the hunt. Vintage pieces can hold more value than anything fresh off the runway. However, condition is still king. The better a piece has aged, the steeper the price tag. So, you're right! People want clothes that tell a story and age alongside them.