Yeah, i guess the title says it all doesnt it? its 99% safe to say that i am suffering from a toxic allergic reaction to the substance minoxidil, wich technicaly means that my body sends more blood to the hair fociles, choking them. in 1.5-2 years im probably going to be entierly hairless.

Now, the purpose of this thread is not to ask for sympathy or pity, i just want some advice on how to adapt my style and esque to this symptom. Im 186cm/65kg (in other words, rather slim and tall caucasian)

i try to think positive. even though i love my hair above everything, i like to see it from the angle that even though this may close many doors, it certainly opens up the oportunity to truly develop an unique style and appearance.

So, how would you adapt to this situation? any accesoaries that you think could help add an edgy touch to it?