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  • uL7iMa
    • Oct 2010
    • 57


    How do the people feel about belts here? Do you buy a belt more for necessity (to keep your pants up), or more as an accessory?

    Personally, I find belts more an accessory, and tend to forget to wear my belts when I'm in a rush (which is most of the time lol).. most of the time my pants fit well and there isn't a need for a belt...

    How many ppl here wear belts on a regular basis?
  • nostromodo
    • Jan 2011
    • 68

    Well, I also think it is more like acessory.. and i have a lot of them but, in my exprience,not all the time though,the problem is that it is not really showed up.. I mean usually it is hided under the shirts or I know some of u guys styled very well though..


    • syed
      Senior Member
      • Sep 2010
      • 564


      I have to wear a belt with most of my trousers, just because I find it hard getting my trousers to fit properly (I have noticeable weight fluctuations). Practicality is the major factor, so I tend to avoid your traditional belt with punched holes, just because I often find myself between holes, so it's a little uncomfortable to wear at times. I usually just wear a ribbon belt. Really liking the Ann belts from this past season, just because they were slightly nicer than your standard affair (which are often too traditional in design, like the Thom Browne blue/red striped ones).
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      • Faust
        kitsch killer
        • Sep 2006
        • 37852

        Function mostly, I am sorry to say (because I have a few nice belts!). They are always hidden under the shirt - I don't tuck shirts in unless it's a formal gathering and I am wearing a blazer. The exception is my Ann D belt with chains - at least the chains are visible.
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        • michael_kard
          Senior Member
          • Oct 2010
          • 2152

          Imo Ann makes the best belts by far, and the single-piece construction of the majority makes them immortal (what's the word I'm looking for???). Although I usually wear a black Bottega Veneta one, I think the woven texture adds a bit of depth to an all-black outfit.
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          • graydot
            Senior Member
            • Aug 2009
            • 147

            i currently use the grandma+ wishbone on a daily basis. unique, but surprisingly versatile as it can be worn for casual necessity, and more as an accessory with dress pants (shirt tucked). also never fails to confuse airport officials when coming through security. have thought about investing in a wider belt but have never needed nor gotten around to it.


            • jogu
              Senior Member
              • Jun 2009
              • 1601

              i rarely wear belts , me i dont like relyin on belts or drawstrings to keep my shorts up so if i wear a belt its always just an accessory or somethin , plus its annoyin to have to undo the belt and everythin when u wanna take a leak . i usually just have trousers taken in round the waist so i dont have to use a belt


              • theetruscan
                Senior Member
                • Jan 2008
                • 2270

                I wear a belt nearly every day. It's a basic part of my wardrobe. None of my trousers fall off without one, but the belt both makes an outfit seem more complete, and lets me choose where I want my trousers to rest.

                I like my Ann belts, but I wouldn't say the quality is amazing. They're very pretty though. The best made belts I've seen that fit into the range of SZ aesthetics are made by Geoffrey Young. For a more traditional/dressy aesthetic, April in Paris outshines anything else I've seen.

                Zam's belt, which I got recently is definitely chunky, more on the workwear end of things. Construction is simply fantastic, and has completely replaced all other belts when I wear jeans.
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                • Pumpfish
                  Senior Member
                  • Sep 2010
                  • 513

                  Best to tone them in with trousers.

                  A strong contrast ruins the line and cuts you in two.
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                  • uL7iMa
                    • Oct 2010
                    • 57

                    hmm actually, I find that when I use a belt to hold up my trousers, its usually very tight, and I feel like I'm constricting blood flow to my vitals down there..basically it gets uncomfortable after awhile..

                    Are there any belts that are stretchy, yet hold up loose pants? I doubt it.


                    • zamb
                      Senior Member
                      • Nov 2006
                      • 5834

                      I have a lot of belts, probably too much, (maybe about 15 or so) i had a lot more so i have given away about twenty of then in the last month because I have too much stuff that i don't wear

                      I wear a belt everyday and just feel incomplete without wearing one.
                      I partially tuck, to show off the buckle which I usually wear to the side of my hips rather than the front and like an extended length that hangs, just to look slightly messy and unkempt.
                      i wear my own belts mostly along with rotating a now realized collection of CCP (about 6) that I have

                      the one you have is indeed thick, but there are slimmer ones available,
                      we are also working on some new custom buckles now
                      I just think we do a bad job of making away the range of stuff we make, I hope to improve that soon.............
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                      • Dawn
                        Senior Member
                        • Mar 2009
                        • 100

                        Looking for a nice and simple black belt to complete my suit.

                        I used to own the Dior D-Point belt, which I've sold (and shouldn't have) to raise funds for the CCP folded belt. Bought that and it unfortunately didn't work out for me. I just purchased this Issac Reina belt, but just got an email saying it's out of stock ... I can't special order the CCP object tanned classic belt at the moment, so any suggestions?!
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                        • miserableman
                          Senior Member
                          • Dec 2009
                          • 321

                          perhaps this

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                          • eton97
                            Senior Member
                            • Dec 2008
                            • 922

                            Ma+ do a great selection of belts, some of which can easily be worn with a suit.
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                            • Denpatou
                              • Jan 2010
                              • 99

                              Originally posted by syed View Post
                              if anyone can help me find the cotton/linen version of the strong belt in the smallest size, it would be greatly appreciated!
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