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  • JetLag
    Senior Member
    • Jul 2008
    • 302

    ? You don't like flamenco and trailer camps?
    Originally posted by danman
    If I could meet you in person I'd fuck you up and steal your PH you bitch. Fuck you and your site


    • CHRIS
      • Dec 2006
      • 947

      i think he might of been referring to merz's swift backhand

      i'm starting to think that the constant vitriol is due to the fact that HDG just reminds him of some guy that used to toss him into lockers or something


      • beardown
        • Feb 2009
        • 1418

        Originally posted by mizzar
        Sorry for being kind of a dick to you.


        • Mail-Moth
          Senior Member
          • Mar 2009
          • 1448

          ^ Exactly. I even like the beer belly effect. This is utterly bad taste, but this is fun to watch. And I would wear that print shirt. So much better than silly print tees with blurry pigeons taking their flight in the dusk.

          Today : check print shirt.

          CDGH+ / Dries / Alden.

          I can see a hat, I can see a cat,
          I can see a man with a baseball bat.


          • Shucks
            Senior Member
            • Aug 2010
            • 3104

            i have to hand it to you, moth, that stuff is perfect on you. the simple combo and relaxed cuts of each item give you a real louche look. and the fact that you are also levitating definitely does not make it any less good.


            • JetLag
              Senior Member
              • Jul 2008
              • 302

              @JoniF: Ha ha. The only way with such an item is to fully assume it, with no hint of irony. Finally I could not, but it might change...

              @Mail-Moth : I agree ;)
              Originally posted by danman
              If I could meet you in person I'd fuck you up and steal your PH you bitch. Fuck you and your site


              • Czx
                Senior Member
                • Feb 2011
                • 503

                JetLag - I concur what Moth has said. It's very fun to watch.


                Hungover like hell from opening outdoor drinking season with my birthday yesterday. It comes with much suprise to me that there indeed exists such a thing as "too much vodka". Damn, I love spring.
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                • lazyguru
                  Senior Member
                  • Jun 2008
                  • 268

                  Artist in CCP or Jap in CCP


                  • several_girls
                    Senior Member
                    • Nov 2010
                    • 218

                    However I may feel about the fit on HdG's pants, I think backhanded compliments like that one from merz are shady. I'm OK with sharp criticism where it is deserved, but at at least treat the guy as an equal.

                    That jacket looks fantastic btw, HdG.


                    • nostromodo
                      • Jan 2011
                      • 68

                      Many great looks recently!!!
                      Mail-Moth, Love your fit always. Simple but not everyone can make the simple. Awesome!!!


                      • Fade to Black
                        Senior Member
                        • Sep 2008
                        • 5340

                        Originally posted by AKA*NYC View Post
                        you are beginning to look more and more like an artist hdg.
                        Originally posted by BBYY View Post
                        What an artist is supposed to look like ?
                        the fact he managed to get under some people's skin with this one says he did it in my book. wasn't huge on your fits before but i like this one hdg.

                        let me show you a few thangs


                        • MetroBulotDodo
                          Senior Member
                          • Oct 2010
                          • 1296

                          HDG just wear it like you *own* it, it isn't on layaway. Looks fine by me.

                          There's no need to respond to all the vitriol that has directed your way - unfairly, I think.

                          Spring sprung early. I'm still bracing myself for the winter that didn't arrive.

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                          • AKA*NYC
                            Senior Member
                            • Nov 2007
                            • 3007

                            Originally posted by lazyguru View Post
                            Artist in CCP or Jap in CCP
                            ccp x mjollnir! haven't seen that before.
                            LOVE THE SHIRST... HOW much?


                            • zamb
                              Senior Member
                              • Nov 2006
                              • 5834

                              the whole thing is just ridiculous, and for what its worth, it seems like there are people like patroklus, who never post a WAYWT (at least not one that I can remember) whose comments towards others are always negative.
                              Let me throw down the damn gauntlet here..........Post a WAYWT of yourself and lets see how good of a dresser you are...........lets see your perfect fitting pants, your oh so right pose or shut the hell up.
                              I have for the most part avoided these kind of comments, but at the end of the day I dont like seeing people being picked on for no real reason. I am singling out you because you are the one who started this round of trash.....some of you suckers are such cowards that you never put yourselves in a position to be critiqued, but are the first to lay out negative criticism of others who do.
                              And no, I wont say sorry for being so harsh, I'm just kinda sick of a set of jackasses who have become members of this forum who lack manners, lack grace and seem to want to reduce it to the lowest kind of qualities human beings posses.......

                              wear whatever the hell you want, regardless of how it looks, it's your money that's being spent, and this is America, as long as you are not breaking the laws, you can do whatever the hell you want.
                              Last edited by zamb; 03-18-2012, 02:11 PM.
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                              • BBYY
                                Senior Member
                                • Mar 2008
                                • 215

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