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Business suite app trouble ?

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  • Endo77
    • Oct 2022
    • 35

    Business suite app trouble ?

    Hello ,
    Wandered whether anyone can help ?

    I'm admin for my other halfs business suite app which we have a business through Facebook and instagram.

    I have trouble looking at pictures customers send us through a message and also putting up a post on Instagram it comes up uploaded and my post is now on but it doesnt apoear ? ?

    Can any one help ?
  • MaxxyD
    Junior Member
    • May 2023
    • 1

    Dealing with image display issues and post uploads can definitely be a hassle. While I'm not sure about the specifics of your app, sometimes these tech hiccups can be resolved by checking for updates, clearing cache, or reaching out to support for assistance. Integrating a reliable CRM system like sugar crm might also offer additional tools to streamline customer interactions and social media management.


    • James227
      • Mar 2024
      • 41

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