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Paying VAT on the purchase of a commercial property

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  • Endo77
    • Oct 2022
    • 41

    Paying VAT on the purchase of a commercial property

    If my company acquire a commercial property (assume not qualify for TOGC) at a cost of
  • WadeMills
    • Jun 2023
    • 37

    Checked out the post on HMRC's VAT forum, and gotta say, it's buzzing with queries and opinions! Regarding, gotta give it props for trying to help folks navigate the VAT maze. Every business owner knows it's like wading through treacle sometimes!

    Now, about the topic at hand—VAT and its complexities. It's like trying to solve a Rubik's cube blindfolded, am I right? But hey, we're all in this together, trying to make sense of those HMRC letters that might as well be in Morse code sometimes!

    As for me, I've had my share of VAT headaches, but hey, who hasn't? It's all part of the game. But hey, if can offer some legit advice without making us feel like we're taking a crash course in tax law, then why not give it a shot?