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A masterplan for staged renovation and extension

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  • Endo77
    • Oct 2022
    • 41

    A masterplan for staged renovation and extension

    Hello - Discovering this forum has been a great luck!
    I wish to share my project and ideas with you and would be happy to receive opinions and help in the planning.

    We have an old house built in the fifties (and then extended by prior owner after 10 years). As at today, the house is liveable but...
    • many features are dated (eg. bath and toilet are separate and far away from each other)
    • the current floorplan is weird (example: the bathroom windows open into another room; the kitchen and the laundry are pass-through, etc)
    • the garage is just in the middle of the backyard and makes difficult to enjoy all the potential of the space
    • the backyard also has an old "driveway"/concreted space which takes a lot of space (visible from satellite image)

    A few data:
    • land size: 740 sqm circa (distance of the existing house from the boundaries in the image)
    • house facade faces south
    • backyard faces north
    • land is on a corner block with only one neighbour on the western boundary
    • streets are on southern and eastern boundaries
    • northern boundary is shared with the "driveway" of a block of units
    • the land is fairly flat (the house is a bit elevated, so there is one step up to access the porch. Then one step down when entering the laundry from the kitchen. Another little step down when walking from the lobby to the backyard
    • Mediterranean climate (we are in Adelaide urban area)

    We want to embark in a long term project to renovate and extend our home one bit at a time. Our requirement is to keep living in the house while the works go on. The final target is to obtain a 4 bedroom, 2 bathroom home.
    The existing brick garage would be removed and replaced by a colorbond double garage (still thinking where to put it... maybe in the north/east corner)

    I have drafted a rough project of what I believe is possible. In my view the first step to achieve the above target would be to create a new bathroom in the existing dining space.
    Then all the other renovations/extensions become possible.

    As this is a large /longproject, I would appreciate your ideas on designing the new spaces and create a masterplan which allows us to stay in the home.

  • WadeMills
    • Jun 2023
    • 37

    Seems like everyone's debating between batts and foam! Personally, I reckon batts are a solid choice for their price and insulation power. They're easy to install yourself too if you're up for a bit of DIY. Foam's great too, but might cost you a bit more.

    By the way, if you're looking for a good deal on materials, check out They've got some competitive prices on insulation and other stuff. Worth a look!