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Rick Owens Replica furniture (first attempt)

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  • ///A
    Junior Member
    • Nov 2013
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    Absolutely brilliant work. Will definitely have to follow your progress.


    • 8bpc
      Senior Member
      • May 2010
      • 116

      hurricane08: The remodeling is very impressive. I really like the contrast of nearly everything in the living room being white against the black floor. What was your inspiration for the living room and the bedrooms? Do you have any advice on working with the quartz cement?


      • hurricane08
        Senior Member
        • Nov 2008
        • 258

        Thanks again for all the comments.

        Faust ,i suffered from a small torticollis syndrome 3 months ago for 10 days ,so it don't think i would be a good idea to make that chair ,at least at the moment .

        8bpc ,the inspiration of the white furniture was from Margiela .Not a fan of the black and white contrast ,not a fan of colours as well, just wanted to keep something from the old times and it was the best decision to keep the marble.Also, white goes with everything and light beige wooden floor matches with grey or white imo.The ceiling lighting saw it in a picture and reminded me the ccp titanium elbow.The layout of the apartment is the same like it was 40 years ago ,except the kitchen on the living room. As for the bedrooms,i'm a fan of Italian and Scandinavian style,so i mixed them a bit.
        Of course some things came out total different by luck ,many exact how i wanted them ,others inspired from the internet/magazines/stores and some other ordered them without almost see them (sofa,wardrobes).When you don't have any architectural experience ,you learn during the renovation .

        The only suggestions i can give about the cement are :listen to professionals or let them do the work if it doesn't get expensive .My friend installed on his basement the same cement like the one we made for the rick bed and came out completely different.A big disappointment.
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        • liluglymang
          Junior Member
          • Nov 2013
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          I like!!!


          • VP_RP
            Junior Member
            • Mar 2014
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            Really inspired to do a project of my own in the future, such great simplicity


            • boandaropax
              Junior Member
              • Mar 2014
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              Originally posted by Patroklus View Post
              10/10, would nap on
              couldn't have put it any better


              • curiouscharles
                Senior Member
                • Jan 2008
                • 999

                just chiming in to say amazing work hurricane - everything is looking absolutely stunning.

                lowrey - i'm in the process of renovating my entire home [& studio] as well, and we have done a variety of polished concrete floors & objects so far [bathroom floor, entrance & sunroom floors, bed frame] with a product called ardex feather finish.

                it's an "underlayment" type product out of the pacific northwest and is used widely across north america for flooring, counters, custom wood-frame builds, etc.

                it would seem all these concrete and/or stone-like finishing products are intended to be used as / classified as "underlay" products for tiling or other light stone work - so using that terminology might help you in your google searches for something manufactured relatively local to you.

                [all of these products are dense / heavy powders and as such extremely expensive to ship internationally]



                • Mezeinee
                  • Apr 2015
                  • 86

                  Super pretty! What kind of wood/ other materials did you use? Are you an architecture student?


                  • aussy
                    Senior Member
                    • Jul 2011
                    • 555

                    reviving this thread to post my own recent, shoddily constructed replica
                    made for a fun summer project with my step dad but can't say I'll ever give it another go, it was very hard to accurately cut and fasten the horn at 90 straight angles because of its irregular shape, we did the best we could with the limited tools we had