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Amish skirt [001]

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  • shuit
    Thank you very much MJRH..

    hahaha! and yes CommieRabbit! it's me! this wool gab twill you recommended fit really well on body! If you have time I might drop by again on the day you are in.. this time for a more high-tech fabric (if you got some to recommend!)

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  • CommieRabbit
    Haha, I think I might've sold you the wool gabardine.

    Looks good, man. I enjoy the thought that went behind it!

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  • MJRH
    no responses? not sure if this got lost in the shuffle or what, but from what i can see of it, this looks pretty rad

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  • shuit
    started a topic Amish skirt [001]

    Amish skirt [001]

    First garment for school project.

    Conceptual Experiment #001 - Amish Skirt

    Seasons: Fall/Winter
    Material/Trimming: Wool Gab/Cotton/Suede Trimming
    Color: Black

    The main goal I am trying to achieve here is to be able to blend two categorizes of garment [skirt&dress] into unity with a workable functionality that one can actually use.

    Inspired by the discipline dress code of the amish religions, I want to achieve something similar that is wearable with other basics.

    Skirt consist of:

    - Front Flap
    - Shaped Skirt
    - Back Flap


    - Elongate Pleat at front flap from waist facing to lower knee. [2]
    - Short Back Flap with slit access through invisible zipper at skirt. [3]
    - 2 shaped darts at skirt [4]
    - Side Seam Pockets [5]
    - Suede Leather trimming run all around flap hem allowance. [6]
    - On grain strip of fabric destroyed thread by thread at one side sewn on in between Suede Leather trimming and garment’s fabric. [6]
    - Hand-sewn invisible catch-stitch at both flaps to lock hem allowance in place [6]

    The main goal I am trying to achieve here is to be able to blend two categorizes of garment [skirt&dress] into unity with a workable functionality.

    As a skirt: Zip up the garment through the back slit at the back flap.

    As a dress: Lift the front flap up, rest the flap on the left shoulder, spread open pleats to cover the bust area. Match up the given buttonholes to the left collarbones, pull up the hidden string underneath the back flap and tie it securely through the buttonhole at front flap. Tie another string at right torso to hold both flap in place. The transformation is complete.

    Outside, the garments looks clean with pleats that is believe to be uniform. Underneath the flap however, is the destroyed, unwanted look which is oppose to what is being present earlier.

    To add on: Eyelet/Buttonshole + String to tie dress in place.

    After the garment is complete, I will try my best to have my friend try them on to see the overall fit in motion.


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