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  • radio-aktivität
    Senior Member
    • Jan 2011
    • 188

    I chime in here: these look really promising.

    I too wonder, just as 11crows, how your workplace might look like. I’ve seen similar stories (namely a Berlin-based guy who bought a complete shoemaker’s workshop for cheap on the fleah market to produce saddle-stitched pen and coin purses. saddly, he quit.) with huge loads of equipment, but you seem to work with minimal tools.
    Thread proposal: post your garage/workshop/atelier/whatever


    • Goldsmith
      • Dec 2007
      • 47

      handmade shoes



      • kamsky
        Senior Member
        • Jan 2007
        • 120

        Thanks very much for posting this! I concur with what all have previously said, great work!

        The brown pair are my personal favorites; lovely range of coloration. I also think the last pair you made look amazing, and expect they'll look even better once you wear them around some and the laces get a little grit and dirt on them.


        • wonder
          Junior Member
          • Mar 2012
          • 17

          Great job! I've always wanted to make shoes for myself been reading up about it here and there. Hopefully your work will inspire me to do it!


          • Dreavan
            Senior Member
            • Mar 2012
            • 121

            Congratulations, the results are stunning.

            What a good artisan you are. Creating your own shoes is something you can be proud of! The idea of walking in unique shoes is great xD

            I wish I have talent to do that too.

            Wish you good luck for your upcoming projects :)


            • Andrea_S
              Junior Member
              • Jan 2014
              • 1

              Nice work! These are amazing, you should definitely be proud of yourself. Looking forward to seeing what you come up with next.


              • ronald_bne
                • Jun 2010
                • 54


                Hi everyone,

                Again thank you all for your kind words! The response has been truly overwhelming!

                I hope this posts helps with any queries you have about equipment.

                Here are what I consider the most important tools: (If I've forgotten any Ill add them in subsequent posts.) (Prices are what I paid in Australian dollars.)

                 photo Tools.jpg

                Left to right: 1. Tin/Multipurpose snips ($20): To cut the sole leather. Before buying these I literally cried every time I needed to do this with my then shitty boot knife. Saved around 30min of hard cutting with a knife.

                2. Flat blade ($40): The MOST important tool in a shoe makers kit. It has to be extra extra extra sharp. When it is, cutting around the edge of sole leather is like cutting through butter. Used for the detailed/fine cutting of various areas of the shoe.

                3.Leather strop ($15): To keep that knife sharp!

                4. An awl ($20): Used for the welt. Various shapes and sizes exist, but I recommend finding one made for shoe making as they are usually stronger.

                5. Curved needles ($5): For stitching: The curve helps with getting though the hole created with the awl for the welting. Can also be used for hand stitching uppers.

                6. Hammer ($5-$50): I have 2, one for tapping/shaping the leather (make sure the head is smooth, never use for traditional hammering) and one for actual hammering nails and the like.

                7. Lasting pliers ($50-$100): A specialty shoe making tool, these are used to last the upper by pulling the leather over it and then hammering the nails through the upper and insole.

                8. Feathering tool ($75): Another specialty tool used to save time creating the feather on the insole for the welt.

                9. Hole punch ($20): Self explanatory.

                10. Needle nose pliers ($5): Helping pull the needles through tight holes and for general use.

                 photo last.jpg

                Here is a picture of the lasts I use that I obtained from a local last maker.
                I sent them a picture of an outline of my foot and pictures of shoes that were the shape/look I wanted to create.

                They sent a second hand pair and a new pair, cost me roughly $100 for both.
                Both are plastic all the way around and have no metal base plates. (used for different construction methods)

                On the lasts is a hole punch I forgot to add in the photo before. ($10)
                Used to make holes obviously and handy for spacing of holes.

                A double shoulder bend of vege tanned cow hide at a 3mm thickness cost me $260.
                Soling leather at a thickness of 6/7 iron cost me $90

                Both are good for at least 5-6 pairs of shoes and maybe even a clutch ....

                 photo clutch.jpg

                By far the most comprehensive youtube tutorial I've found was here:
                Share your videos with friends, family, and the world

                For shoe making specific tools go here:

                For other tools/leather I suggest checking out local places you may have around you. Seeing and feeling the leather is important before you purchase.

                A rough calculation says I spent about $810 but that definitely wasn't in one go.

                As for my workshop, its my computer desk/kitchen bench, you really don't need much space. I just put a bit of plywood on top of the work area to avoid wrecking the surfaces.

                And with all that said, your set!

                Thanks again everyone!


                • kuugaia
                  Senior Member
                  • Feb 2010
                  • 1007

                  ^ Thanks a lot for going through all that effort to write everything down and photograph it. Appreciate it! :)


                  • lifetolive
                    Junior Member
                    • Jan 2014
                    • 4

                    Handmade shoes

                    Marvelous job done!!! Results looks amazing. Can't imagine the hardwork and patience behind them . Are these for sale ?


                    • unwashed
                      Senior Member
                      • Dec 2008
                      • 694

                      Thanks for posting! This really is helpful.
                      Can I ask what kind of nails and thread you advise? Also did you used glue somewhere in the process?
                      Grailed link


                      • Arcane
                        Senior Member
                        • Jul 2008
                        • 278

                        I've had an ambition to try my hand at this for quite some time and this have really inspired me to get started.

                        The shoes look nice indeed, great work!
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                        • bukka
                          Senior Member
                          • Sep 2011
                          • 821

                          Absolutely amazing, thanks for the tuto link! You should be very very proud of yourself
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                          • MikeN
                            Senior Member
                            • Nov 2007
                            • 2205

                            Really amazing work.


                            • Dorje
                              Senior Member
                              • Oct 2013
                              • 284

                              One of the best threads on here

                              Now I want to make a pair of shoes!


                              • interest1
                                Senior Member
                                • Nov 2008
                                • 3351

                                Truly impressive.