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cold dye/overdye process

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  • limorr
    Junior Member
    • Sep 2015
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    cold dye/overdye process

    hello all,

    i am quite interested in understanding the cold dye process and overdye process as i find the look extremely interesting. is it possible to attempt in a home workshop? can anyone provide any methods for doing these procedures? i really like some of the stuff luc has done but also some of the old silent tees that have that really unique cold dye finish.

    i know the names for both methods sound fairly simple and self explanatory but to no avail was i able to find any insight about them online, and would like some direction before i start testing on my own shirts.

  • Aska
    • Feb 2013
    • 34

    I have experimented a bit with cold dye on some home made t-shirts and tanks. I just bought a dye made for cold dyeing, followed the instructions and mixed it in a bucket. For the silent effect you refer to you should use another color on the dye than the fabric or use an undyed natural fabric, depends what you are after. This will leave areas around seams and hems undyed and also create a more uneven overall effect. Another fun thing I tried, inspired by Chalayan, was to cold dye with iron filings, this created a really nice grey and rust patches started to appear over time. Good luck!


    • heticbubble
      Junior Member
      • Jul 2023
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      Both of these processes have titles that seem like they should be self-explanatory, but I have been unable to locate any information about them online and could use some guidance before attempting them on my own shirts.
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      • sirisha
        Junior Member
        • Jan 2024
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