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  • takakono0513
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    • Feb 2014
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    tk - art work

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  • matglenn
    • Jun 2016
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    I admire your material compositions and experimental dyeing processes, you've made some really pleasant tonal ranges. The text feels didactic to me though, and a little jarring. It seems like each piece wants to reference a different complicated philosophical theme, which I find is interesting but also a little problematic. I could spend a very long time unpacking the content that each one of these three pieces references, that being said I think seeing 25 of them would be overwhelming. I would suggest thinking about how you will present them to avoid the series being overly eclectic.

    Nice work! You've managed to make art objects that I think are quite successful overall, and have a lot of potential how you choose to exhibit or use them in an installation. Hope this helps

    ps: Make sure your'e watching the kerning of each letter, for the most part it's ok but a few areas are a little distracting.