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Sewing Machine Recommendations?

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  • Wolfmechanic
    Junior Member
    • Jul 2013
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    Hey guys! I'm super new here so please excuse that.

    I was reading this thread and from what I understand a Straight stitch JUKI would be the best thing, along with and overlock machine as well.

    Would this recommendation be the same for someone who's just barely starting out and has no experience in pattern-making or sewing? I'm prepared to spend what I need to in order to have the proper tools, but at this point I only plan on making a few pieces/samples for myself.

    There's a few Juki's on amazon but they're more home use and less industrial looking. We have a sewing shop in my town that sells industrial Pfaff machines I believe. I am more so inquiring as to if industrial machines are recommended for beginners as well, a $400-600 JUKI seems like a lot for someone who's never really used a machine before.

    Any additional suggestions would be helpful! Thanks!
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    • zen dog
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      • Jan 2014
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      sewing machine sale

      I hope this finds anyone who is interested. Business closing- sewing machines for sale This Mon., Nov. 17 in Los Angeles,CA.