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    zam Barrett Dialogue - Zfactorie internship opportunity

    Zam Barrett Dialogue / Zfactorie has three internship opportunities opened to potential candidates for the fall 2019 Season
    Internships are for a period of approximately 3 months and is scheduled to begin at the beginning of August 2019.,
    Internships require a minimum of 3 days per week commitment with flexible hours.
    Ideal candidates are preferably those attending fashion school and living in the the Brooklyn or greater NY City area though fashion school experience is not a must.
    We are looking for interns to work in the capacities of

    1. Media relations
    Internship candidate can must have an good grasp of language, grammar and good writing skills, preferably multi lingual but not necessary.
    Intern must have good knowledge of social media such as Instagram, Facebook etc. Basic photo editing skills a plus

    2. Production.
    We are looking for a production intern to work with the design team on all aspects of men’s and womenswear production.
    The internship requires a minimum 3 days commitment. Intern must love and have an interest in garment construction, pattern making and the back end aspects of fashion design. Intern will work directly with the designer/ pattern maker in all aspects of production

    3. Merchandising / eCommerce / Retail
    We are looking for one intern who will work directly with our retail store director on aspects of merchandising/ store displays/ e-commerce and general retail. Candidate must have a love of customer service, must be interested and eager to learn about eCommerce and retail for high ends fashion.

    Resumes and letter of interests must be sent to with subject heading: INTERNSHIP (area if interest)

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