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First Year work!!!

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  • docus
    Senior Member
    • Dec 2010
    • 509

    I'm blown away that this is first year work! I think you've got a bright future ahead if you keep working hard. I would buy that black hoodie (in fact, please sell it to me!) and the leather is really nice too.


    • vapidly
      • Dec 2007
      • 53

      Great job, this is superb. I am constantly at the FIT campus and usually I am rather bored by much of the designs students are doing. The craftsmenship looks great! Congratulations on winning such a competitive award!


      • resonaut
        • Nov 2010
        • 29

        Just wanted to say great work!

        I've already used your website in a couple of arguments (was discussing how local "accomplished" designers are shit compared to some of the student work abroad).


        • jesuistruc
          Junior Member
          • Jan 2011
          • 6

          I'm really impressed with your line, are any of your pieces for sale?


          • xallhopelstx
            Junior Member
            • Jun 2010
            • 24

            I am really impressed by the professionally of your website. It really does help aid in the authenticity and statement that your pieces make. Looking forward to seeing your future work.


            • mack
              Junior Member
              • Mar 2009
              • 29

              thanks alot everyone for all of the support!.

              i am working on a bunch of new stuff and i strongly feel it shows a progression of my work.

              again thank you!


              • formateriam
                Junior Member
                • Feb 2011
                • 25

                Mack, nice work you have there and a really presentable website! Keep up the good job, I'm envious of what you're doing. Would love to pick up that dark grey hoodie that doesn't have a zipper.


                • seatbelts
                  Senior Member
                  • Sep 2010
                  • 127

                  When you get the chance, could you lay out what pieces you have for sale/willing to make?
                  julius leather jacket size 2


                  • jscl
                    Senior Member
                    • Jan 2010
                    • 146

                    really impressive, love to see where you go from here
                    JUST THE HITS


                    • mack
                      Junior Member
                      • Mar 2009
                      • 29

                      hey sz

                      Thank you for your support!

                      right now i have been super busy finishing up my degree at F.I.T.
                      so i have been involved in lots of things before my graduation.

                      so unfortunately i am not selling pieces at the moment, but i hopefully will have more time after the school year... depending on where i will be

                      i am currently working on alot of new pieces and projects and will post soon. i think these new pieces show a huge progression and development of my work.

                      i have had lots of comments on the hoodies i have made... i will definitely keep that in mind, when designing some new pieces. i have been thinking about designing another hoody, so hopefully soon.

                      again thanks to everyone that have showed interested and support.



                      • pieke24
                        Junior Member
                        • Apr 2011
                        • 14

                        Hey Mack,

                        Just had a look at your site, great website. So clean and easy to use.
                        Really like the way your treat your fabrics and your cut, it looks so easy and great to wear. The black trousers look very cool i have to say, want a pair of them allot.
                        Would really like to know when your selling in London UK. Would love to have a closer look at your work.

                        looking forward to your next collection :)
                        James Kearns


                        • nadir
                          Senior Member
                          • May 2011
                          • 108

                          Hey just had a look through your collection - I can see the influences other people a mentioning at the beginning, but the whole collection looks pretty versatile.

                          Love the dyeing on your basics.


                          • cowsareforeating
                            Senior Member
                            • Jan 2011
                            • 1030

                            not quite sure where to post this, so lmk if this is better off somewhere else...

                            is this mack?:

                            If it is, you look great and that jacket (is it the jacket that you cut?) also looks fantastic.