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MA+ Wallet Project

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  • dave
    Junior Member
    • Aug 2010
    • 4

    Great work shuit. It looks bloody awesome


    • peerc
      • Jan 2013
      • 40

      Looks awesome!
      Sort of reminds me of this Barrett Alley cardholder for some reason:


      • Tiron
        Junior Member
        • Nov 2012
        • 12

        I'm gonna have my own go at something similar. I'll post pics if its decent, but expect nothing!


        • Faye
          Senior Member
          • Apr 2009
          • 165

          And here follows my iteration of this wallet.
          This is my second try. The first one I did with a black calf leather. (Will take pictures at a later time eventually.)

          Then I remembered that a long time ago chinorlz had sent me a leftover from his elephant leather hide to make a case for my cellphone, but luckily that project went forgotten. ^__^
          I glued a very thin suede-like synthetic material on the reverse.
          Also, because the wallet turned out too thick to stay flat, I came up with this strap-closing system inspired by a BBS wallet from few season’s ago.


          • cowsareforeating
            Senior Member
            • Jan 2011
            • 1030

            all forum members are not created equal....

            nice work man that looks pretty great! the bastard child of MA and boris...


            • thinbuddha
              Senior Member
              • Jul 2011
              • 118

              faye i like that a lot...i'm imaging the confusion on a store clerk's face when you pull that out and have to untie it to pay. very nice.


              • qazwsx
                Senior Member
                • Feb 2012
                • 289

                my try
                all stitched with waxed linen thread
                Im standing on the shoulders of giants
                "Things you own, end up owning you." --- Tyler Durden [FightClub 1999]


                • 0.hide
                  Junior Member
                  • May 2020
                  • 1

                  how did you work the leather so it keeps the folds? Does it help to make it wet and hammer it?


                  • AliceSmith
                    Junior Member
                    • Oct 2020
                    • 2

                    Albert, an interesting wallet!
                    I also like a small wallets, recently bought from Aliexpress with a clip magnet for money and the back for credit cards, but leather leaves it to be desired.