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MMOEXP : Elden Ring Boss Radahn Back to Kicking the Players

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    MMOEXP : Elden Ring Boss Radahn Back to Kicking the Players

    One of Elden's toughest bosses is now getting harder and again. FromSoftware released a minor patch overnight to buff Starscourge Radahn following the game's massive 1.03 patch accidentally weakened some of the demigod's abilities. A few Elden Ring Runes​ players are already celebrating, and if there's something they love, it's being pounded mercilessly.

    The official boss of Redmane Castle, Starscourge Radahn pelts you with arrows, multi-hit combinations as well as a variety of gravity energy weapons to punish insanity and greed. He's already a well-known meme in the Elden Ring community for being both astounding and totally absurd. If you've encountered the guy in the period between march 17 and yesterday, however, you weren't facing him at full strength thanks to a bug that's been uncovered. Patch 1.03.3 launched on April 4 on consoles as well as PC, fixes this issue.

    "Fixed a glitch in the balance adjustment for the boss Starscourge Radahn in update 1.03 that caused the strength of certain attacks was not intentionally reduced," the note reads.

    Although FromSoftware's patch notes are vague however, players were able discern some of the changes made to Radahn soon after update 1.03 originally came out. In particular, the damage of melee and other attacks were reduced and his hitboxes for connecting with attacks were also smaller. Not anymore.

    There are some peculiarities to the Radahn fight, chief among it is that famous warriors within the game's universe of fictional characters are invited to fight alongside you. This allows Radahn to be distracted, allowing players can inflict the damage and not immediately be smashed. This also means Radahn is built to take on a whole squad. There are other classic Souls moments, like when he vanishes into the air midway through the fight only to crash back down to earth a few seconds later, bringing death and destruction.

    However, due to the accident-related change, several players beat Radahn, without even realizing that they'd received an extra helping hand. "I beat him second time after the first playthrough... i didnt think he had been being nerfed.. I thought I had luck," wrote one Elden Ring Items for sale​ player on the Elden Ring subreddit. "Defeated him on my third attempt, I also didn't know this at the time," wrote another.

    Some players thought Radahn was too easy, particularly on second playthroughs. "40 years from now: 'gatherwith your grandchildren, and hear the tale of the epic duels against before-nerfing Radahn, the scorcher of the Stars,'" said one player shortly after the nerf was revealed. No matter if they wanted to or not, the rest of us can bask in the glory of the Radahn beatdown as it was likely to be.