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  • shrinkwatson
    Junior Member
    • Jun 2015
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    heart-stopping dresses i have never seen before .


    • jurassicsnark
      Senior Member
      • Sep 2015
      • 167

      Originally posted by wildinthewoods View Post

      I'm going to be wearing this Ann dress at my wedding this summer.
      OMG I love it. Please post pictures!

      I originally clicked on this, because I do struggle a bit with what to wear to weddings (as a guest). My partner's brother just got engaged, and a friend of the family made a snarky comment about how I would just show up in black like always. I do have a Brunello Cucinelli dress in a lovely slate blue that I will likely wear, but I find that adapting my style to warm weather wear is tough in general (I just moved to Florida from Seattle, and I am struggling to adapt on several levels).


      • J_J
        Senior Member
        • Apr 2008
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        I've always loved Katie Schillingford's wedding dress by Gareth Pugh ... not something I would wear myself but the effect is so captivating


        • jennyxee1
          Junior Member
          • Aug 2022
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          • Soniy
            Junior Member
            • Apr 2023
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            Hi all. I am newbie here. Its awesome))