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Thread: SEVEN, Helsinki

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    Welcome to have a look

    Take care,

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    Dear SZ member,

    You are cordially invited to join our 48 hour Online Sale starting Friday 10th of December 2.00pm GMT.

    Looking forward to see you at

    SEVEN, Helsinki

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    Cool as Helsinki weather !

    Just updating the site.

    -60% FW2009-SS2010 ( 277- and 297- )
    -50% SS2010 ( 307- )
    -25% FW2010 ( 317- )
    -15% FW2010 ( 327- )

    The Viridi-anne FW2010-11

    ATTACHMENT FW2010-11

    Isaac Sellam FW2010-11

    Starts in less than 3 hours...

    Take care,

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    nice to see scandinavia represented!

    really good prices aswell.

    didn't know about your store untill now, now bookmarked and will be checking reguarely

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    just got my julius delivery from seven and wanted to share that i am very happy with it! the service and shipping were perfect and ultrafast! thank you very much Raoul!

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    just got my julius delivery also from Seven, and couldn't agree more with the comments below - great advice and service. very happy indeed!
    you can't polish a turd, but you can roll it in glitter...

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    Thank You !

    You're happy = I'm happy.

    Take care,

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    Dear SZ members,

    we're closing the store for Christmas in few hours. Will be back on Monday 27th.

    Happy Holidays !


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    Yes ditto on the great service received my order in two days.

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    Thank you david s.

    Shop updated for season sale. Have a look here

    Take care,

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    Out with the old & in with the new...Happy & Prosperous New Year to all SZ'ers !


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    Dear SZ Members,

    I'm off to Paris for the FW2011-12 collections.

    Due to busy schedule and limited internet access I can not guarantee I will be able to answer your e-mails/PMs before Tuesday 25th.

    While you are online - check out

    Most of FW2010-11 items are now discounted 40-50 %.

    Take care,

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    ...100 hours, few shows + 25 collections later back in Helsinki !
    Paris was great. A big THANK YOU to all old and new friends.

    Updates on SS2011 deliveries coming soon...

    Take care,

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    Raoul is really quick and efficient to answer questions & gives very helpful insight , thanks to him , I saved myself from buying a Julius jacket only to see it go to the classifieds!

    Look forward to SS

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    Default Amazing Service

    I just wanted to say what an amazing service I received from Raoul. I ordered some Julius shorts for my holiday on Thursday, however I missed the UPS last delivery pick up by 1 minute. Raoul was aware I was going on holiday on the weekend so he took my package to the UPS office at the airport himself! I received the shorts the next morning in the U.K (so damn fast it was scary).

    The shorts are superb, the service was even better!

    Will definitely use SEVEN again.

    Thanks Raoul!


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    Ordered Julius Pants on Thursday night and they arrived here in Germany Monday morning. Very happy with the great service and fast delivery! Also, the personal handwritten message was a nice touch. :) Thanks Raoul and keep up the good work!

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    Thank you gentlemen !

    FYI - we are still hibernating here in Helsinki. Temperature is almost as low as the FW10 discounts. -39'C last night. YAY !

    We will have first Spring items delivered in early March.
    Kumagai / ATTACHMENT
    _7 Julius

    Hope to get you some pictures this week.

    Take care,
    Raoul / SEVEN

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    Dear SZers,

    next week I'll be mostly wearing my Burton Custom X.

    I'll do my best to answer your PMs and e-mails daily.

    Back in business on Monday 28th. Hopefully unpacking 7_Julius and MA_Julius deliveries.

    Take care,

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    Finally ! Some SS2011 Julius items for you

    More will be added tomorrow, MA_Julius and ATTACHMENT.

    Take care,

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