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    [ HALO ; ] urban renegade in the cathedral city

    The concept of the collection was inspired by the idea of the remains of the avant-garde hiding themselves in the large cities.

    Underground and outside of mainstream society keeping alive the ideals of art and spirituality.

    The contrast and tension between the silence and beauty of places of worship: monasteries and temples.

    And the chaos of cutting edge cities like Hong Kong and New York.

    Between East and West.
    Between purity and decadence.
    Between austerity and elegance.
    Between the light and the dark.

    a couple of additional pictures:
    "AVANT GUARDE HIGHEST FASHION. NOW NOW this is it people, these are the brands no one fucking knows and people are like WTF. they do everything by hand in their freaking secret basement and shit."


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    I love the coats in the first and fourth pictures, the shirt in the fourth picture, and the long white longsleeve. The lapels that are separate from the hood on the first one are very interesting, and I like the padded look of the material. The fourth one looks like a jedi robe, and the undershirt's texture looks fantastic. The white tee looks like it's made of a very substantial and heavy jersey.

    Overall, I can see a very strong futuristic influence, with the introduction of some of the minimalism of the MA line, but filtered through the goth/punk inspiration of _7. It's almost like minimalist cyberpunk. I love it.

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