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Thread: Videos/short films

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    Maybe not really a short film but I don`t know where to post it. It is an stop-motion-animated feature film and had a production time of 13 years.

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    theaddict talks about stylings on's interview
    it's great to see some exposure of this aesthetic in the public than those colorful shit filling up the whole style site and even getting accomplishments.

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    ἓν οἶδα ὅτι οὐδὲν οἶδα

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    Cool video featuring Maxime Buchi (Rick Owens' and Boris Bidjan Saberi's tattoo artist, but more importantly a creative design/tattoo mastermind).
    “The noise of the bars, the grit of the sidewalks,
    The decaying plane trees shedding leaves in the dark,
    The omnibus a hurricane of rattling iron and mud,
    That screeches, badly aligned on its wheels,
    And slowly rolls its green and yellow eyes,
    Workers going to their club, smoking clay pipes
    Under the noses of the police officers,
    Dripping roofs, sweating walls, slippery pavement,
    Cracked asphalt, streams filling the gutter,
    That’s my road—with heaven at the end.”
    -- Paul Verlaine

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    posted this in the football thread

    for bmw fans

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    @profondo haha ya, pullin at the strings. man that vid you posted was a trippp

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    the most beautiful film ever

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    Not sure if anyone here is a fan of Childish Gambino. He just released a short film which I thought was pretty good.

    (Forgot how to embed videos into forums)

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    a true fetish story

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    I was just made aware of the next video. warning, for the faint hearted.

    Haven't felt miserable in a while, but this video did the trick. Makes me reconsider my clothes.

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    cross posted from the 'what are you listening to' thread. i debated whether to post here or not, but i find the video is interesting enough to warrent posting here as well.

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    Aldo Tambellini, one of my most favourite artists

    experimental filmmaker, his works were mostly focused on black, this short film was made with a sequence of draws and scratches made directly on celluloid, the noisy soundtrack is also made by him.

    His production is huge and he is currently in activity, there was a big solo performance in Tate Modern in 2012, and a screening at Moma NYC the past autumn

    Warmly suggested

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