Dear SZers,

Welcome to The Garment Archives Project. As many of you know, there is often a dearth of clear images of the garments out there, especially from those designers who operated in the pre-Internet era. I would like us to change this. Many of us have wonderful garments in our closets, many of them rare. I want us to make a collective effort to share images of them, as well as information pertaining to their provenance. This project will allow us to create something that is unprecedented on the Internet and hitherto has been mostly reserved or outsourced to fashion departments of museums – a comprehensive garment archive. I ask all of you to contribute in this collective effort, and I encourage you to go far and wide in terms of designers you want to see here. Let’s make this something we can be proud of!

Forum Structure and Posting Guidelines:

  • Each designer will have his/her own thread. The threads will have to be created by one of the moderators, because of the specific nature of the posts. If you don’t see a specific designer thread, please PM me, lowrey, or Avantster, and we will add it. Anyone can create individual posts.
  • The nature of the posts is structured. Please take care to include the details specified in the instructions below.
  • In order to prevent any loss of images, please use the attachments function to attach photos
  • Please make an effort to take clear pictures, and no more than 4 photos per garment. Front and back are mandatory, and maybe 1 or 2 detail shots, if you feel they are important.
  • Please do not post any comments. This forum is for information/archival purposes only.