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Thread: Band Merchandise

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    holy of holies, a true grail.

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    how to dress well's tour shirt

    in addition to this one i like most burzum shirts, joy divison's 'love will tear us apart' t-shirt from impact clothing, as well as the purple rain tour shirt i have from the 80s with a white dove and black dove on it (can't find a nice pic tho).

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    there are some amazing and hard to find t-shirts with photography from Roberta Bayley (she was one of the pioneers of the punk rock photography, perhaps most of the Ramones, Sex Pistols, Sid, NYC Dolls, pics you have seen around are from her)

    I bought one with Sid Vicious (quite expensive for a "band tee") in a store called Trash and Vaudeville in the lower east side in NYC, if you are into band merch and punk perhaps you should give it a try.

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    Also one of the bands that I have seen some very nice merch and very rare and curious limited edition records is Death in June, some of the albums are very hard to find especially the ones that have hand carved stone soap boxes that are absolutely marvelous!

    They also have some interesting jewelry and objects that are not common in artists now days... very recommended!

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    Not directly a band t-shirt but related... I still love the FeS2 Slater Bradley x Peter Saville tees that were sold as a limited edition series through Atelier back in 2007. Edition of 42. - Digital Portfolio Of Projects & Designs

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    Quote Originally Posted by Faust View Post
    The Nine Inch Nails Pretty Hate Machine tee, of course :-). I still sometimes thinking of getting one (I was living in another country during the PHM times), but then all the midlife crisis thoughts start coming to mind.

    Unfortunately I was a little too young to enjoy PHM and TDS at the times they were released, I didn't become a NIN fan until after The Fragile came out. I have a few original tour tees I bought second hand from eBay but apparently only huge dudes were NIN fans pre-1999 because the only tees I've ever been able to source in decent condition were L or XL. As they stand I can really only wear them to bed - I'd love to make my original '94 TDS tee part of my daily repertoire (perfect gear for sitting at the jeweller's bench all day) but alas it's more a dress than a tee on me.

    All my favourite NIN tee designs are from PHM/TDS eras, finding other designs in good condition though that aren't selling for over $100 is tough.

    I really want this one as I used this spiral as an avatar for years...

    I could always buy reissue tees but I'm too much of a purist for that .
    some do it fast, some do it better in smaller amounts.

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    Quote Originally Posted by interest1 View Post

    my oh my loving every inch of that 'haus...that neckline especially and no big bold yucky N A M E on it.

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    it's rare I might say that a band's merch has an aesthetic let alone a consistent one, they're spread around a few shops: | |

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