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    Lurker here. My first love is fashion, actually I think about touching textiles all the time, but to preserve my purveyor-distanced ideals I only buy into it and have taken, instead, to the flattest of crafts: Painting.

    I'm like a big pause, painting figures and staying silent except through an anonymous blog of personal gush, woo woo

    My goal at the moment is to find a better means of distribution, since I've started working with found images (see bottom collages) and could see some sort of collaboration with my lov3rs in Fashion and Music.

    If you're in NYC, come to my show on the 28th 6-8pm! fordPROJECT 57 W 57 with an afterparty at Le Bain.


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    hey winston. good to see you over here...
    dying and coming back gives you considerable perspective

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    love it, very inspiring!!

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    I really like it actually. Do you have a website?

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    These are fantastic. I would also like to know if you have a website!

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    Do you paint album covers for Pains of Being Pure at Heart? I've loved the recent album art, and your work looks very similar.

    Thanks a lot for sharing, great stuff

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    Ah, I'm not into art generally, but this is great.

    Kinda like Pains of being pure at heart too! Not as much as the paintings/collages though!

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    wow, surprised when i saw a painting's post that it was you. i've loved your work for a long time now. really love the collages you're doing now , great evolution. keep it up, love seeing more.

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    i really like the 3rd from bottom. good stuff man

    let me show you a few thangs

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