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    "We are now embarking on a new chapter, a dedicated StyleZeitgeist podcast. This format will allow us to bring you the same approach to fashion journalism but on a more engaging level.

    On the podcast we will talk about some of the same themes that have always driven us, how fashion connects to culture, how designers think and interact with the rest of the world, and what fashion means to us all. We will discuss current fashion events and interview prominent figures and people you’ve probably never heard of but should. We promise the same uncompromising stance on the podcast as we have done in our writing.

    To support this venture and StyleZeitgeist in general we are asking for your help. We have rarely relied on advertising, and even then always making it clear that our editorial independence is sacred. Instead, we rely on our audience, some of whom have become our friends. Therefore, I am asking you to support StyleZeitgeist through Patreon. Think of it as not only supporting the podcast, but as a magazine subscription."

    Full announcement here.

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    Please support us through Patreon, if you can. It all counts. And the bonus content will be great, too.
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    StyleZeitgeist Magazine

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