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Thread: Undercover Women's FW 2006 Paris

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    one of Jun's best collections.. wish the current UC would be even remotely like this.

    thanks for posting
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    I've seen the basic high-res images of this but certainly not the rest where did you find them???

    I can say with confidence this is my favorite women's collection ever. I love it for so many reasons it's hard to begin. The clothing looks like nothing that has come before it or after it. There is such an illogical mixture of styles that only someone with a mind like Jun could think it up (a male counterpart to this could be the final Number-Nine collection or perhaps some of The Soloist). Blending Victorian-era fashion with street wear, goth, and sadomasochistic bondage is fairly brilliant. There is a nice piece written up by a professor at Duke University by the name of Ellen McLarney entitled The Burqa in Vogue: Fashioning Afghanistan that attempts to expose the reasoning behind the intense and haunting styling of this collection. Part of it relates the head wrappings to Burqas (a political move which Jun has denied) but another part of it is simply referencing the notion of a mask and the implicit rebellion of the action of covering one's face which is such a familiar symbol to us. And Jun being raised in punk culture and purposely assimilating himself with it, it's easy to see how this collection could be seen as a unique attempt to portray rebellion which is aesthetically very far separated from more popular appropriations of the punk aesthetic in fashion (that even Jun himself has done in things like his Scab and Arts + Crafts collections).

    Ugh what can I say.. it's inventive, challenging, and incredibly beautiful. The illogical wrappings of the face and the arms are strangely elegant but at the same time reference those masochistic images of bondage, brutality, and sex.

    Here are some beautiful images taken backstage by photographer Sue Rynski.

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    Best Collection in undercover

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    freakishly adorned, reminds me of pirates somehow.

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    If there is anyone with a soul out there, could you please post some high resolution scans of the Paolo Roversi editorial in A Magazine, featuring FW06 masks and such?

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    Fuuck, that would be amazing. I don't have that one :( I think droogist does - let's beg her.
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    Ok droogist, name your price. My first born?

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    Quote Originally Posted by Ochre View Post
    Ok droogist, name your price. My first born?
    That won't be necessary. I'll be happy to do it, but it will have to wait a week or so as I'll be out of town for a bit. If in the meantime someone else feels like taking the initiative (and wants Ochre's kid), feel free.
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    here's one of the photos "the kiss" + the cover and some other eyecandy,

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    SZ coming through in a big way. Major thanks to droogist and almroth for getting things started. 'The kiss' shot is beautiful.

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