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Thread: Women's Good Finds

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    I think these are the ones Verdandi was looking for — I think she needed a 36, though.

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    Quote Originally Posted by rider View Post
    omg how did i miss these?!?! i check that site every other day

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    Quote Originally Posted by GlassOrganelle View Post
    Thanks, Catfood! Hope I can save up before they sell out.

    Ann D white lace up sandals 39.5. I'd be all over these if they were my size.
    Mia! What size are you? I'm thinking of selling mine. I don't wear them enough

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    Oh I didn't know this section even existed. Anyway is half off, some nusta and aoi and obscur and barbara di somethingsomething.

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    Default Women's good finds

    Quote Originally Posted by Faust View Post
    A couple of Faliero Sarti scarves at decent prices popped up on Yoox.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Marian View Post
    I love to buy online Cheap womens dresses,clothes,shoes,jewelry.It is cheap and wide selection.My favorite online market today is .What is your what is your expirience and favorite place for Shopping?
    that place is great, i like myself, it offers basically the same thing at exactly the same prices.
    ps welcome to sz u truly belong here here's my email please send me more ideas

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    Rick Owen's Sail Coat, super reasonable:
    Rick Owen's python ankle boots in US 10:
    Ann Demeulemeester Suede Lace-Up Boots:
    Urban Zen Oversize Silk top with tags:
    All Saints Belted leather jacket with raw edges:
    Helmut Lang Rex Fur leather panel jacket:
    Rick Owen's Hun Wool & Leather Knit Jacket:

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    been looking through the kill me with leather thread and then these killer deals popped up on my radar
    who needs some leather pants?

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