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Thread: Maison Martin Margiela ss12, Paris

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    Default Maison Martin Margiela ss12, Paris

    New mmm images wrapped in carpets and plastic remind me dead bodies from David Lynch's movies. It's absolutely amazing.

    see some accessories
    see the carpet print shoes
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    Whilst its lacking the clear conceptual direction margiela himself always had in the collections, this is not bad. the last 2/3 seasons have been better, the garments are good, the quality on the racks is also very nice.

    This collection has nice proportions. the deconstructed jackets are very very nice. It could have all benefitted from tighter editing. The section with the carpets is hilarious and a nice reference to his furniture collection that he did in 2006 (?). I like the wit in the plastic cover, but one could question why you would show this in this particular show.

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    I think this is amazing! Clearly the Maison lives.
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    I'm really loving the color palette here, curious about some of those textures, skirt in 7th pic on the right looks like a burlap sack or coffee bag material. I would hope it doesnt feel the same lol. also curious as to whats up with the plastic bags? maybe an idiotic question if there's a well known answer I apologize, just curious.

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    Жрицы Ковра, all hail carpet_rise.
    Liked it a lot, but too much carpeting.
    sorry for my bad english, i learned it from the book.

    I too am inspired by homeless people when I buy a $1,000 jacket. Why don't we just shit on them? Oh, fashion, sometimes I wonder why I bother...(Faust)

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    Lovely and also pretty wearable. I wonder what the carpet pieces are made of? Looks like it could be silk from the pictures.

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    those black maxi skirts with zips look great. Overall I find it interesting and there is somewhat of a fresh breeze to it...

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    The rug dresses remind me of artist Mel Chin's 'KNOWMAD' piece, where he takes old carpet patterns/designs and transposes them onto the surfaces of a video game in order to expose the player to them, sort of give them new life in a modern context and continue their rich history. Doubt that was his intention though.

    The burlapy maxi skirt is especially beautiful paired with the shirt (which of course is visible through the skirt, very playful)

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    i actually like those carpet print pieces a lot, reminds me of a less direct translation that bless did a while ago. also rlly like the shoulders on those jackets, v nice
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    love it. the hair styling is amazing

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    Coupled with Rick, my two favs of the season. Surprised, actually, how much I like it, as Margiela wasn't doing much for me these few past seasons.

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    I also like the carpet pieces a lot. The dress, skirt and Cape(?). Looks great!!!

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    I think the skirts in particular are going to drive me nuts for several reasons.

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    I have been disappointed for the past few collections but this one is a hit for me. I am a bit obsessed now with their long coats and skirts.

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